Saints Row: The Third Cheats Codes

Saints Row: The Third from Volition and THQ is nothing but a world of gangs and criminals and insane fun. Almost everything we love in Saint’s Row 2 has returned along with many new features. Fans of the franchise will definitely love each and every second spend in the world of Saints Row: The Third. Now to make your gameplay experience more enjoyable, we have compiled an extensive list of Saints Row: The Third cheat codes.

To make use of these cheat codes, open up you cell phone (Select or Back), now Click on “EXTRA TAB”, and then select the APP which is labeled as “CHEATS”. Now you can enter any of the following cheat codes in the provided space.

Saints Row: The Third

You can check out the complete Saints Row: The Third Cheat Codes below (NOTE: Making use of the CHEAT CODES will LOCK Achievements/Trophies)

Saints Row: The Third Civilian Special Cheat

  • hohoho: Turn Civilians into Pimps and Hos
  • mascot: Turn Civilians into Mascots
  • brains: Turn Civilians into Zombies
  • dui: Civilians Become Drunk
  • letsrock: Open All Weapons
  • goldengun: One-hit Kills
  • notrated: Comical, Gratuitous Gore
  • isquishyou: Exaggerated Vehicle Damage
  • vroom: No Vehicle Damage

Saints Row: The Third Weapon Cheats:

  • giverpg: Gives RPG
  • givesatchel: Gives Satchel Charges
  • givekobra: Gives Kobra
  • givesheperd: Gives .45 Sheperd
  • givekrukov: Gives K-8 Krukov
  • givear55: Gives Ar 55
  • giveslm8: Gives Viper Laser
  • givedigger: Gives Grave Digger
  • giveultimax: Gives AS3 Ultimax
  • givehammer: Gives S3X Hammer
  • giveblossom: Gives D4TH Blossom
  • givetek: Gives TEK Z-10
  • givecybersmg: Gives Cyber Blaster
  • givecyber: Gives Cyber Buster
  • givesniper: Gives McManus 2015
  • givercgun: Gives RC Possessor
  • givedrone: Gives Reaper Drone
  • giveairstrike: Gives SA-3 Airstrike
  • givesonic: Gives Sonic Boom
  • giveflamethrower: Gives Flamethrower
  • giveminigun: Gives Minigun
  • giverocket: Gives Shock Hammer
  • givelauncher: Gives M2 Grenade Launcher
  • giveshield: Gives Riot Shield
  • givebaseball: Gives Baseball Bat
  • givedildo: Gives The Penetrator
  • givechainsaw: Gives Chainsaw
  • giveapoca: Gives Apoca-Fists
  • givesword: Gives Nocturne
  • givestungun: Gives Stun Gun
  • giveflashbang: Gives Flash Bang
  • givegrenade: Gives Grenade
  • givemolotov: Gives Molotov
  • giveelectric: Gives Electric Grenade

Saints Row: The Third Vehicle Cheats:

  • givereaper: Gives Reaper
  • givestatusquo: Gives Status Quo
  • givegatmobile: Gives Gat Mobile
  • givechallenger: Gives Challenger
  • giveestrada: Gives Estrada
  • givetoad: Gives Toad
  • giveknoxville: Gives Knoxville
  • givenforcer: Gives NForcer
  • givespecter: Gives Specter
  • givecondor: Gives Condor
  • givecommander: Gives Commander
  • givevulture: Gives Vulture
  • givevtol: Gives F69 Vtol
  • givetornado: Gives Tornado
  • givewidowmaker: Gives Widowmaker
  • givesandstorm: Gives Sandstorm
  • givekenshin: Gives Kenshin
  • givekaneda: Gives Kaneda
  • giveshark: Gives Shark
  • givemiami: Gives Miami
  • givevortex: Gives Vortex
  • givetitan: Gives Titan
  • givetaxi: Gives Taxi
  • givemunicipal: Give Municipal
  • givequasar: Gives Quasar
  • givephoenix: Gives Phoenix
  • givejustice: Gives Justice
  • givepeacemaker: Gives Peacemaker
  • givebootlegger: Gives Bootlegger
  • giveattrazione: Gives Attrazione
  • giveanchor: Gives Anchor
  • giveambulance: Gives Ambulance
  • repaircar: Repairs Car

Saints Row: The Third Gameplay Cheats:

  • fryhole: Heaven Bound (dead bodies float upward)
  • pissoffpigs: Add Police Notoriety
  • goodygoody: No Cop Notoriety
  • lolz: Add Gang Notoriety
  • oops: No Gang Notoriety
  • cheese: $100,000 in Cash
  • whatitmeanstome: Give Respect
  • runfast: Infinite Sprint

Saints Row: The Third Weather Cheats

  • clearskies: Clear Skies
  • heavyrain: Heavy Rain
  • lightrain: Light Rain
  • overcast: Overcast