Scarab’s Sting And Scarab’s Lies Walkthrough – Assassin’s Creed Origins

In the previous Quest i.e. Egypt’s Medjay after finding up the truth behind Orders of Ancient, Bayek’s aims to assassinate all of them one by one. In this part, Bayek is going to find the identity behind evil Scarab who is causing destruction in the region. Try activating all the fast travel points first, this will help you to earn 200XP each. At some places you might also encounter wild animals, these animals too have Levels and killing them will reward you 25 XP.

The Scarab's Sting & Lies Walkthrough - Assassin's Creed Origins

The Scarab’s Sting Walkthrough Main Quest

Talk to the informant

You will have to reach Sais to meet Harkhuf an informer he will tell you about your next target: The Scarab. Track him down through the eagle, and then follow him to his home. Harkhuf will open up a narrow hidden passage, there is a table in it, look at the scroll for Story of the Scarab. Once done on the left there is another table, as you interact you will receive 4 side quests, two Level 15 and two Level 16. Accept all to add them to your Quest Log that you can play later for earning XP. Once done, get out and meet the Harkhuf. You will get 1500XP as Reward.

Find and Rescue Ghupa


After talking to the informant, Bayek gets info about Ghupa, you will have to locate him, use the fast travel point, and you will find a settlement on a mountain. Use the eagle to lock down all the targets in the area. There is a prison where you will find Ghupa. There is a Level 17 Captain in the area, if your character Level is 19 then it’s not a big deal to ambush. Instead, go slowly there is a tiger locked in the cage, do not release it if you are in the view of the animal, it will attack you. The best way of using this animal is to climb on a height first, and then shooting the cage’s door, the animal can create a distraction and run away. The same you can do with the Eagle. You have to unlock Taming ability for that. There is a red tent in the area, if you visit there you can earn 400XP for Camp Phyrrhos location. Carry Ghupa, mount horse and take him to his home. This completes the quest The Scarab’s Stings. You will receive 1500XP for this.

The Scarab’s Lies Walkthrough Main Quest

Meet Taharqa

After rescuing Ghupa you can go to the Quest menu and track The Scarab Lies Main quest, Ghupa will provide you info about his son who is at Letopolis. This is a Level 18 Quest and till now probably your character would have reached 20, if not then you can go with some side quest. If you started this one then first you have to talk to Taharqa at Letopolis, the son of Ghupa. There is a fast travel point near to your next location. New Location Letopolis will reward you 25XP. Letopolis is somewhere in Temple of Horus, discovering this location will further reward you 25XP. Just follow the marker, and talk to him. You will get 1500XP as Reward.


Kill All the Bandits in Camp

Follow him and next, he will take you towards the ruins, follow him and fight with him. Keep following him towards the next fights. You will have to keep fighting till all are defeated, watch out for Level 10 enemy group, it can be lethal if you ambush the group. After the fight is over, talk to Taharqa, he will ask you to assist him one more time. follow him, towards the bandit camps, you have to kill all the bandits inside to complete this task. The Eagle vision is not going to help you much here because of the cave. Walk through the grass and enter the cave, one bandit will at the entrance. These are all Level 18 enemies, you will have a support from Taharqa and his soldiers. After killing bandits in a cave, you have to climb up and you will find a few of them on horses and camels. Target the ones with bows first, one bandit riding the camera will be a Level 19 enemy, so bringing him down will be tough. After killing him get back to Taharqa.

Meet Taharqa at his home


He will tell you to visit his home, during the dining time Bayek was cheated and in the next cutscene, he finds himself stuck in the sand. This reveals that Taharqa is The Scarab, the first objective is to free you. Bayek will get some flashbacks, wait for a while and then call your horse. This will free Bayek, the next objective is to find and retrieve all the gears.

Find and Retrieve your Gear


Go towards the marker, use the Eagle vision first to locate all the targets, this time you will be facing Level 19 enemies around, and fighting them without gears and weapons will be suicide. Along with that, you cannot wait longer in the desserts or else hyenas will attack you. After surveying the area properly, sneak through the rocks around. There are plants where you can hide and enter into the camp. Try to stay behind the tents, there will be a few guards sitting in middle, you can hide behind the plants. They are only your way to reach towards your gear. there is a guard who is standing in front of the structure where your gears are kept, you have to use the Eagle to attack him and the interact with the wooden box.

Assassinate the Scarab

After getting your weapons and gears back, your final objective is to kill the Scarab. You have to get back to the place where you met Taharqa for the first time, at Letoplis. Use the Eagle to mark all the guards on the roof first, The Scarab in inside the Temple. Climb up top on the building roof, where you can eliminate the guards one by one and clear the area, you can hide behind wooden logs.

assassinate-scarab assassinate-scarab-1

Best will be using bow and arrow and taking a headshot from the nearest possible point available. In case you alert the guards, you have to kill the archers first, then go with the bigger guard with a shield. His attacks are pretty strong, you have to dodge them, and he can also hit you hard with a shield. After killing all the guards, you will see Taharqa in the center, you can kill him by jumping from the top in one shot. After killing Taharqa, there will be a cutscene, and the mission is over.

This is where the Quest: Scarab’s Sting And Scarab’s Lies ends, you can read our walkthrough on Quest Pompeius Magnus or you can also read our Assassins Creed Origins Wiki guide for more tips and updates on the game.