Secret Bags Location – Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Guide

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Mirror Edge Catalyst has various different collectibles that you need to collect and most of them will be the part of your Story Main Mission. In this Article we will be showing you all the Secret Bags location and how can you find them. These Collectible are mostly found in the open area just like the Documents. So without any further ado, let’s begin with the Collectible location.

Secret Bags Location

Where to Find all Secret Bags

For Every Secret Bags, you collect it rewards you with +25 Bonus XP and you also know how many parts are hidden in every location. Once you collect all Secret Bags you’ll get P.I Connors Achievement. You can switch to the Mission Tab and check how many you have collected so far. To know more about the game walkthrough, collectible location you can always check out our Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Wiki Guide.

Back in the Game Secret Bags Location

Secret Bags 1

Once you get the Elevator shaft you enter the area with rods to swing and just after you swing the first rod, you must leap towards the next direction where you can find your first Secret Bag on the Table.

Secret Bags 2

At the end of the Mission on your way towards the exit make sure you check out the head office which is above the 4H sign.

Centurian Yards Secret Bags Location

Secret Bags 3

In the Large exterior area with a Yellow sheet covering the blocks, you must climb up the scaffolding to find this Bag on the beam.

Secret Bags 4

During the Mission – Back in the Game, you ride the elevator and then out via vents where you finally see the two swings poles. You must turn around and swing back to the springboard off the railing to reach. Once get to the upper ledge you’ll find this Bag.

Secret Bags 5

In the same mission, near the BioEnginnering area past the second vent to climb high towards the projector and make your way towards the bridge. Climb over the railing to find this Bag.

Concord Plaza Secret Bags Location

Secret Bags 6

On your way towards the birdman, first, get inside the door next to Silvine Billboard. Head up the stairs to the new area where you must get into the vent to find the secret Bag.

Triumvirate Drive Secret Bags Location

Secret Bags 7

Go towards the high scaffolding with the red symbol and climb to the top to grab this Bag.

Secret Bags 8

Go to the lower entrance leading towards the Triumvirate Drive Safehouse and find this item.

Secret Bags 9

Climb the Orange Wall to grab the vent shaft then as you drop from the other end you will find this Beg.

Shimmering Heights Secret Bags Location

Secret Bags 10

You must drop down onto the glass balcony once you enter the Pirandello. Head towards the ground floor and grab this secret Bag.

Secret Bags 11

Get inside Nicosa Building and turn right to get past the swinging rods then climb the ladder to locate this bag.

Secret Bags 12

Instead of crossing the building after the elevator, you must climb up the wall to find the vent and grab the Bag on the other side.

Secret Bags 13

Access the Narrow Shaft once you are done interacting with the terminal then slide down to collect this bag behind you.

Crystal Valley Secret Bags Location

Secret Bags 14

Head inside the build which has a verticle screen above and climbs up to the second floor to get this secret bag.

Secret Bags 15

Inside the Everyone Building, you must go to the roof to find this Bag.

Benefactor Secret Bags Location

Secret Bags 16

Once you pass the first building you’ll come across the ladder and then climb the wall with the Red Symbol on it. Get to the other side of the wall to grab this secret Bag.

Secret Bags 17

During the mission you will evacuate the workers with the alarm, you must climb the wall(near the balcony) with the red Symbol and then head to the left side of the wall where you see a yellow wall be climbed and grabbed the Bag.