Securing the Convention Center: Deus Ex Mankind Divided Walkthrough

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Once you are done gathering the Data From Dvali’s territory in Mission 14, it’s time to head to London and alert Mr. Brown for his event. Jensen must quickly get in contact with the head of the Guard – Liam before anything goes wrong. So without any further ado, let’s get started with the Securing Convention Center Plan.

Securing the Convention Center

Securing Convention Center Walkthrough

After Meting Chikane, we are ready to fly London and meet Mr. Brown. After the Cutscene, you will be introduced to Mr. Nathaniel Brown and after talking to him, quickly get take you position with the head of the Tarvos Security – Liam Slater. Get down the Elevator and talk to the security where Jensen finds out something different about the Staff. Update Miller and he will brief you with your next objective.

Get to Slater’s Office

Hack the Security Room and then take down every guard you see on your way to Slater’s office. As we see the Tarvo Security is dead that means the Marchenko has already set up the plan and we need to defeat them all before they try to harm any guest. The lethal approach is the only way up here so go ahead and take them down. Once you get inside Slater’s Office, activate the security so that Miller and Macready are updated about the Same.

Note: The Guards are all armed, so are the Turret so make sure you use the Vents as your backup.

Find the Keycard To Catering

As per Miller, one of the Marchenko’s Guards are caring the Keycard to Catering and you need to hurry and find it befoe something happens to Mr. Brown. For the secondary objective, we have already taken down 9/10 guards so only one left which will be one our way down to the Exhibition hall. Locate the Guards near the DJ area, he is carrying the Keycard so go ahead and take him down.

Investigate the Catering Area

Once you have the Keycard to Catering area, go ahead to make your way to the marked location. You need to go to the washroom area and look for the vent to use, jump then use the ladder to get to the roof area and finally make it to the entrance of the Catering Area. Use the Card, get ready to take down a few guards before you investigate the Main Area.

Get inside the Kitchen, and the cutscene will start where you Miller is badly injured and Marchenko’s guards have already mixed the poison in the Champagne. Marchenko will contact you and ask to meet him as soon as possible or he will blow up the residential area. Now you have to make a choice to either Stop Marchenko or Save the Delegates. Thus completing the walkthrough and continue with the next part – Stopping Marchenko or check our Deus Ex Mankind Divided Wiki Guide to know more about the game collectible locations, tips, tricks, keycodes, Passwords and much more.