Selfie Locations and Followers – South Park Fractured But Whole


In South Park Fractured But Whole, the player can take selfies with townspeople and gain followers on Coonstagram. These Followers help you in the game with different actions but taking selfies if not an easy task in South Park. Here are all the Locations and People you can take selfies with and how to gain more followers on Coonstagram.

Selfie Locations - South Park The Fractured But Whole

Selfie Locations and Followers

In order to get selfies with townspeople, you must run errands or boost numbers before they start posing for the selfie. Don’t worry this guide is all about how you can get more followers so we will help you out with the requirements for the selfies too. So without any further ado, let’s begin with the Selfie Locations.

Hint: Everyone with a name in South Park will be up for Selfie only if you work for it.

Goth Kids Selfie

If you want Goth Kids – Michael, Firkle, Pete, and Henrietta to follow on Coonstagram then you must complete their quest. This quest starts from Henrietta’s house, head straight to her bedroom and they will ask you get some book for them. Here you require Snap and Pop Ability unlocked.

Now head towards the room across the hall and on the left corner you will find this book. Place this book you found into the circle(with a pentagram) then lit 5 red candles with the firecracker. Once you are done with the rituals the Goth Kids are ready to pose for the Selfie.

Mr. and Mrs. Hankey Selfie

In order to find Mr. Hankey, you must first find the hidden crack wall. You must move the garbage bin in Women’s toilet at the Community Center. Once you break the wall, call the Toolshed to reveal the Christmas poo on the toilet seat. Now that you have discovered Mr. Hankey, it’s time to head over to Stan’s house and check the Bathroom to find Mrs. Hankey. Both are ready to get a selfie with you and of course more followers.

Jimbo selfie

Head Northwest of the town to find Jimbo at his Store and start his quest to find his wallet from Peppermint Hippo. You can find this wallet in the middle of the club. Now return the wallet to Jimbo and he is all set to take a selfie with him.

Karen McCormick Selfie

In order to get Kenny’s sister selfie, you must head to Kenny’s house and talk to her. You must find her doll which is located in the police station. You will find it on the couch where you meet Mr. Adams. Complete her quest to get a selfie with Karen McCormick.

Mr. Valmer Selfie

Jimmy’s dad – Mr. Valmer is in the kitchen(Jimmy’s house). Mr. Valmer will only agree to get a selfie with you if you manage to find all Fast Travel locations in town.

Raisins Kids selfies

Raisins Kids include Fosse, Billy, Brimmy, Francis, Proche, Louis, Jason and each kid like particular power set. Simply talk to them to know what is their favorite power and equip it to take a selfie with them.

You can take more selfie with townspeople only if you manage to complete their requirement. So what are you waiting for, go ahead and start increasing your followers on Coonstagram?