Sequence 1 – A Spanner in the Works: Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate Walkthrough

As you start the game, A Girl(Bishop) begins to explain on how the Abstergo is planning for the next big move to find the rest of the Piece of Eden while she explains, we notice Rebecca and Shaun again in this series as they are also working for the Initiates. Rebecca tries to test the Drone 2 which is directly linked with Bishop while she uses the drone she extracts some information from the Drone and uploaded them on screen and they start talking about Jacob and Evie the Frye Twins who were the Assassins in 1986 London. Now we send back into the Animus to Find the Piece of Eden during the Industrial Revolution in 1986 London.

Assassin's Creed Syndicate

Animus Cutscene: Henry Green writes a letter thrice to his brother George, complaining about Fallen London and the Templars have begun to control almost 75% of the London and this time the Grandmaster Templar is so ruthless named Crawford Starrick have his hands on everything. Everywhere there are Corrupt Merchants and Politicians and a vicious street gang named Blighters have stricken the terror in hearts of all.

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George Tries to explains the targets/enemies to our unstoppable Frye Twins and to start the mission with our very First Jacob Frye in the Rupert Ferris’s Iron Works and he Needs to Take down the Industrialist – Rupert Ferris. As the Mission Starts, you are given a chance to explore the factory(Iron Works) and have some quick hands on the Jacob’s movements.

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As you walk to the Exit Door you see that it is locked and you need to find some other way out(Obviously). To make the soldiers open the door, you need sabotage two machines. Check out the mini-map to locate the machines’ location. Once you’ve done with the sabotage a cutscene will appear and the Door will be open. You need to Air Assassinate the Thug to proceed with the game and then few more. Now you need to move to the Marked location. Rupert Ferris will be hiding in the room this is very easy to take him down. Once you take him down you need to make you run outside on the train where you will be followed by a couple of thugs and once down a cutscene will come and Congratulations you have successfully completed the Sequence 1 Part 1.

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  • Try to make it Stealthy to gain more bonus.
  • Use Eagle Vision to See the nearby Enemies.
  • Check out the Circle when your sneak so that you see the noise you make when you sprint or hanging up.
  • Avoid making extra moves on the train so avoid falling off.