Sequence 2 – A Simple Plan: Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate Walkthrough

 Sequence 2 – A Simple Plan: Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate Walkthrough

As we know that George had given missions to the unstoppable Frye Twins so in Part I: A Spanner in the Works, Jacob had done very well and now its time to see how Evie Frye get the Job Done in Part 2 – A Simple Plan. Unlike the Jacob’s mission, this is pretty Stealthy in its core and definitely made one taking Evie’s skills under consideration.

Assassin's Creed Syndicate

You Objective for this Mission is to hunt for Piece of Eden by Assassinating David Brewster. Starting your mission from a train and heading towards the Yard then the Guards Quarter and Lastly the Brewster’s Laboratory. At the Train, travel further along with assassinating the guards onboard until you reach the Engine where you’ll Detach the rest of the locomotive.

assassin-creed-syndicate-part2-1.jpg assassin-creed-syndicate-part2-2.jpg assassin-creed-syndicate-part2-3.jpg

Once you’re at the Yard you have to reach the Vantage Point to progress and locate David Brewster. Now from here you’ll also have a side objective to kill the guard by dropping the barrels and the main objective to reach the Laboratory. Select your Entry point and your objective will now turn to ‘Speak with Captive’ to know more about the hidden Laboratory’s location. After interrogating with the suspicious Captive, you will uncover that you need to find the Key from one of the Guards and locate the Laboratory which is underground.

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After you have stolen the keys and have successfully reached the hidden underground laboratory now you need to Assassinate David Brewster. Underground you’ll notice the Apple(Piece) of Eden is been experimented by Scientist Brewster. Here you can directly hunt him down or else do the Objective way Air Assassinating the Target. Once he is down the entire laboratory starts to shake and destroy itself so you surely need to escape the lab and from there out of the debris to complete the Mission.

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  • Complete the Side Objective for more Bonus
  • From the 2 Skill points Definitely acquire the Double Assassination and Secondly the Eagle vision II.
  • During the Yard, you can try and explore Evie’s Skills, kills, stealth and more to get more of her gameplay for later use.