Sequence 3 – Freedom of the Press: Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate Walkthrough

 Sequence 3 – Freedom of the Press: Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate Walkthrough

After Conquering the WhiteChapel, it’s Time to head to our Last part of Sequence 3 – Freedom of the Press. You’ll now meet new characters and time to expand The Rooks in Lambeth to get the Templars one by one.

Assassin's Creed Syndicate

The Third Part of the Sequence 3 – Freedom of the Press starts at Lambeth. Here you are about to meet Alexander Graham Bell(Linguist, Inventor and Technical Expert) who will help you with fixing the Gun’s Grapple part with your Bracer to convert it into a Rope Launcher. The Curious Evie want to help MR. Bell to fix the fuses so that he can continue with phonetic telegraph project.

assassin-creed-syndicate-part3-1.jpg assassin-creed-syndicate-part3-2.jpg assassin-creed-syndicate-part3-3.jpg assassin-creed-syndicate-part3-4.jpg

Here we begin with our assignment to Fix and Install the Fuses from the Top of Big Ben. There is also a side objective to avoid going down below 30m in altitude. So you get to use the Rope Launcher for the First time so make the best use of it and install all three Fuses. After Installing the Fuses, you need to speak to Mr. bell.

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Then again a mission to ‘Loot 200 Metal Components‘ from the two marked areas, along with a side quest of course to ‘Air assassinate a guard from a zip line’ and then head back to Bell’s Workshop to Finish the Mission Freedom of the Press adn End of Sequence 3.

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Tips for Freedom of the Press

  • Complete the side objective for both missions
  • Make use of Rope Launcher wherever necessary
  • Avoid killing the Securities