Sequence 3 – Somewhere That’s Green: Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate Walkthrough

After the Frye Twins have done their mission they meet George again to update him about the mission. They Also inform him how Jacob had destroyed the train whereas Evie had killed the target but failed to achieve the Piece of Eden. George asks them both to train more before they head to London to face the Master Templars, but the Frye twins are impatient and they catch a train to London.

Assassin's Creed Syndicate

Outside the Animus where Bishop had just gone bonkers about Rebecca and Shaun who had decided to take the Isabelle Ardant(Abstergo Historical Research and a Templar Sanctum) down to get the data of the Frye Twins genetics. You will also see Juhani Otso Berg(Sigma team leader and a Master Assassin) and Violet Da Costa(Templar). Both Rebecca and Shaun successfully escaped the room, but unable to fetch the data.

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Loading the Sequence 1 – Part 3: Somewhere That’s Green, where the Frye Twins have reached London and Searching for Henry Green(Only Assassin in London). As you check in at London you will be robbed by some kid and you need to chase him where you’ll find some local thugs to deal with. After the Thugs Just Race Evie to the nearest Vantage point.

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At the top of the vantage point, you will meet Henry Green and the cutscenes begins where he explains how these templars, a group of thugs and politicians have started ruling London. Here Jacob has the Plan to start with his own gang called ‘The Rooks’ who will stand for the right and help people of the fight for free London. Now climb the Point and perform a Leap of Faith to progress.

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Henry Green Helps you understand how everything works in London, he also mentions about the Precursor Artifacts(Piece of Eden) and how the Starrick’s gang Leaders are behind him. On your way, you will bump over Mr.Charles Dikens(Has knowledge of Everone and Everything in London) and the mission begin to take Green’s Carriage back to his shop and dodge the enemies as well. As you head inside the shop cutscene start and you have successfully Done with the Mission.

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  • Try not to take any damage while fighting with the thugs
  • Win the Race with Evie