Sequence 3 – To Catch An Urchin: Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate Walkthrough

 Sequence 3 – To Catch An Urchin: Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate Walkthrough

Once you have a word with Henry, he will guide you with the City Map and 4 Missions to be completed in order to Conquer one part of the London: The WhiteChapel. The option is now available to switch between Evie and Jacob, where you can select the character you want to progress the mission with. You can free Roam in WhiteChapel and you have the option to select which mission you want to start out of the Four Missions: ‘Abberline, We Presume’, ‘To Catch An Urchin’, ‘Templar Hunt’ and ‘Spitalfields Market’.

Assassin's Creed Syndicate

Note: Upgrade your skills regularly whenever you get the Skill Points

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Gang Stronghold: Eliminate the Blighters

In this Mission, you need to eliminate all the Blighters to send a message to their leader Rexford Keylock that their rule is about to fall. There is also a side objective to ‘Free and Protect captured Clinkers’ to gain more points and loyalty.

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  • Use Eagle Vision and Marks all the Targets
  • Try to complete the Side objective
  • Run away when you have low health.

Templar Hunt: Eliminate Templar Harold Drake

This is one of the most easiest Templar Hunt, where you need to locate him and just go and Assassinate him. Now here is the side objective to kill the target with a crate of dynamite. That I suppose is just very easy.

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  • Use Eagle Vision and Marks all the Targets
  • Avoid Detection
  • Complete the side objective

Bounty Hunt: Kidnap the Thug

You are about to meet Frederick Abberline(a policeman), who helps us Conquering the WhiteChapel and also eliminating the Thugs. After the cutscene, he will offer you with a mission where you need to Kidnap a Thug and bring him back to Abberline. If you do it right he will continue with the further agreements. The side objective here is not to kill the target instead bring him back alive.

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  • Locate the target and try not to lose him
  • Do not kill him

Child Liberation: Free Child Labor

It’s time to introduce to our young and smart Clara O’Dea and her gang, who claims to be the most intelligent children in WhiteChapel. She is ready to offer her information, but in return of a favor where you need to take down the group of thugs and free her friends from child labor. So these is an easy task to Kill the Foreman and free all the children along with an extra side objective where you need to avoid triggering the alarm.

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  • Try to make it stealthy
  • Avoid Triggering the Alarm

Once all the 4 objectives is completed the Leader Rexford Keylock challenges you with a gang fight to settle the score against him and in return he will give away his Train if he losses. So First kill the 10 thugs and catch the train in which Keylock is travelling. After he is down you will find his gun(Hook Grapple) and ask the people of WhiteChapel to join you gang – The Rooks.

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On the Train meet Agnes MacBean who will be joining you with further exploration and looking out for your train. Henry asks you to go and find the Man who will find the Gun. Now free Roam on the Train, Talk to Agnes, interact with the Gang Updates and also collect the revenue. Lastly, let’s move on to our last part of Sequence 3: Freedom of the Press.

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