Sequence 4 – OverDose: Assassinate Dr. Elliotson : Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate Walkthrough

After hunting down the Origin of the Syrup, Jacob was eager to find the root cause and finish it ones and for all. So let’s continue with our Next and final part of Sequence 4: Overdose.

Assassin's Creed: Syndicate

Coming back to Charles Darwin at the Lambeth Asylum and to continue with the Syrup Sample investigation with Jacob. Also, Jacob informs him about how Owen had spoken out the information about the person behind Starrick’s Soothing Syrup was John Elliotson(was a brilliant Heart Specialist).

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Jacob Proceeds with the mission alone and the first thing to do is climb up the Vantage Point to Enter the Asylum and Examine what’s happening inside with the Sample Syrup. Cute Scene will Start with John Elliotson testing the sample with a subject and it fails. So along with Assassinating Mr. Elliotson, you also have the opportunity to perform a Unique kill with young Doctor and Infiltration opportunity with Nurse.

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The Side objectives with Assassinating Mr. Elliotson are ‘Halt the electroconvulsive therapy session’ and Completing the mission without using single bullet’. Finding nurse will help you getting every door unlocked in the Asylum and with the young doctor will help you perform a unique kill by using the cadaver to reach the medical theater.

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To locate the young doctor, he is in the basement waiting for you to lie on the cadaver. So head straight to head and lie on the cadaver as this makes it easy and quick. Now he will take you to the Medical Theater in front of Mr. Elliotson and you can make you move.

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After Assassinating John Elliotson cut-scene began and he warns that this is just the beginning. You have not seen the worst yet. Now Escape the Asylum to complete the Sequence. Here is the End to Sequence 4 and the new Cutscene began with Starrick being informed about how Jacob manages to control Whitechapel and also shuts up the Asylum and Evie should also face the consequences.

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Out of the Animus cutscene: Where Shaun and Rebecca successfully managed to escape the Otso Berg. Berg runs a unit called Sigma Team and Violet Assists hum to hunt the remaining Assassins out there. Shaun confirms that the Piece of Eden is in London and the Berh is also behind it very badly. Our Data sync suggests that the Piece of Eden is nothing but the Shroud.

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