Sequence 5 – End of the Line: Assassinate Pearl Attaway – Assassin’s Creed Syndicate

After Starrick and Attaway’s bonds are open to Jacob, he plans to Loot the Engines before reaching to Starrick. Also, Jacob will make sure that Ms. Attaway gets even for cheating over him. Let’s check the last part of Sequence 5: End of the Line.

Assassin's Creed: Syndicate

Jacob is informed by one of the Rooks that Starrick’s men have arrived and they are gonna unload the train from Waterloo. So he asks to gather a team at Charing Cross to send the loot to recover. Now Reach the marked Vantage Point to examine the Area and locate Ms. Attaway.

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There will be two possibilities for Jacob: Train Conductor(Stealth opportunity) and Security Chief(Unique Kill opportunity) to Assassinate Pearl Attaway. So make your own way to hunt her down.

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Recruit few Rooks to distract the Blighters until you talk to the Train Conductor and steal the train schedule. You also have two side objective to Use the Secret passage to assassinate and second to Free the Station chief. Once you have the schedule go and have a word with the Train Conductor again and reschedule it.

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As you have directed the train schedule to Central station, you need to walk with the crown to get a pass by the Blighters unnoticed. Now if you want you can talk to the Security chief for a unique kill or simply go and assassinate Ms. Attaway.

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After Assassinating her, she’ll warn Jacob about Starrick’s anger when he is informed about her Murder. Now Escape the Train and pull the lever to escape with the loot. You have successfully Loot the Engines from Ms. Attaway and also got your revenge for cheating.

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The End of Sequence 5, a cutscene starts where Starrick kills his own guard for disturbing him while playing Paino. Also, Ms. Throne informs Starrick, it’s to make a move as the Frye Twins are are now getting out of control.

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