Sequence 6 – A Case of Identity and A Spot of Tea: Assassin’s Creed Syndicate Walkthrough

 Sequence 6 – A Case of Identity and A Spot of Tea: Assassin’s Creed Syndicate Walkthrough

After Evie’s Assassinating Lucy Throne, Jacob continues to hunt down Mr. Dredge to uncover Plutus and also plans to follow Cockham weapon crates in order to unmask Plutus. Let’s see how Jacob progresses and uncover the Mission in second and third part of Sequence 6: A Case of Identity and A Spot of Tea.

Assassin's Creed: Syndicate

Jacob still in search of clues to uncover Plutus. He notices Mr. Dredge is looking for someone who has skills of Leadership and will work for him. He suddenly realises someone who is actually worth it.

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You need to locate Mr. Dredge, Kidnap him and bring him outside the building unnoticed. Also a side objective to Do it without killing any Policemen. An easy job so does it nice and easy.

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Once you bring Mr. Dredge outside he confirms his true identity Sergeant Fredrick Abberline and informs you about a Robbery at the Fortress. Also gives you a bit information about the gang who robbed the bank are supplied by Cockham Merchants.

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Sequence 6: A Spot of Tea

Now that Jacob has an Idea from Abberline about the Cockham Merchants, he will hunt their weapon crates down in order to unmask Plutus and his plan. Jacob meets Freddy again to know about his mission.

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Locate the smuggled Cockham weapons, you’ll find three carriages to search for and Mark the right carriage. After finding the right carriage, you need to hide until the cargo cart’s departure.

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You need to Tail the cart to find where exactly it’s been taken. After a successful trial cutscene will start and done with the third part of Sequence 6: A Spot of Tea.

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