Sequence 6 – A Thorne in the Side: Kill Lucy Thorne – Assassin’s Creed Syndicate Walkthrough

After Ms. Attaway’s Assassination, Starrick had raised the count of Templars in London. Jacob continues his hunt for Templars whereas Evie plans Lucy Thorne Assassination and get back the Key to Piece of Eden. Let’s Begin with the First part of Sequence 6: A Thorne in the Side.

Assassin's Creed: Syndicate

Evie pays a visit to Mr. Green to update him about her progress, but she wants her enter to the Tower after getting the Shroud which Green is ready to help with. Now Evie needs to reach the Vantage point to examine the area and opportunities to the way in the Tower of London.

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Once you Reach the Vantage Point, you’ll have 3 opportunities: Chief Yeoman(Infiltration opportunity), Allied Guard(Unique Kill opportunity) and Constable(Assistance opportunity) to kill Ms. Lucy Throne.

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Now Find your opportunity to get way into the White Tower. We recommend using Unique Kill as it is fast and simple. Once you have talked with the Allied Guard you need to Kill 3 disguised templars in order to perform the Unique Kill.

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Visit the Allied guard after killing the disguised templars, he will perform a false kidnapping to show Ms. Throne that he had caught you in the tower. Now it’s time to Make you Move and Assassinate Ms. Lucy Throne and then escape the Tower.

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After Assassination of Lucy Thorne, she will provide you information about the power of Shroud and cutscene starts where Starrick plans to dissolve Lucy from his partnership, but he comes to know about her death which makes him angry and now he makes it Personal. Thus ending the first part of Sequence 6.

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