Sequence 6 – One Good Deed and One Bad Penny: Assassin’s Creed Syndicate Walkthrough

Evie visits Southwark after Jacob assassinated Pearl and shut her Omnibus company whereas Jacob prepares to enter the Bank od England, stop the Robbery and kill Twopenny. Let’s check out the finals parts of Sequence 6: One Good Deed and One Bad Penny.

Assassin's Creed: Syndicate

Once Evie visits Southwark, she finds some Thugs are bullying Edward to build Buses for them and Starrick, but he refuses they kidnap him. Evie needs to defend him before they harm him. So just hit their cart and take over Edward’s cart to reach Omnibus Factory.

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Edward tells Evie that they need to start building their own buses without any involvement of Starrick. Locate and steal the deed and return it back to Edward. He then introduces to the Members of London General Omnibus Company. Hence completing the Mission, One Good Deed.

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Sequence 6: One Bad Penny

Jacob meets Mr. Abberline to discuss the robbery which was Philip Twopenny(The Governer of the Bank). Abberline then discloses to Jacob on how to get in the Bank of England.

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You’ll have multiple opportunities to stop the bank robbery: The Bank Manager(Stealth opportunity), The Vault Watcher(Assistance opportunity) and The Head of the Security(Unique Kill opportunity) to kill Twopenny.

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The approach will be different for the very opportunity, we are following the Unique Kill. So first is to Reach the Vault with a side objective to find a secret passage. Locate The Head of the Security for Unique Kill opportunity then kidnap him and knock him out.

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Now either you locate the Unique location marker, hide behind the painting and wait for Twopenny to enter or directly hit on him and assassinate him. After Assassination, he will inform you how Starrick is planning to Ruin London and their people. Now Simply escape the Bank of England to complete the Mission.

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A cutscene will play where Mr. Abberline will arrest all of them for robbing the bank. Hence completing the Sequence 6 and new cutscene begun where Starrick increasing his limits and orders the halls of Parliament are free to govern.

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