Act I Walkthrough: The Siege Of Minas Ithil – Shadow of War

Shadow of War begins with a short cinematic from the past chapter Shadow of Mordor. It also gives a glimpse of the connection between Talion the main character and Celebrimbor the spirit. In the previous part both defeated the Captain of Sauron’s Orc Forces, Black Hand.

Shadow of War Act 1

Prologue: The New Ring

After the cinematic, you will play a prologue mission The New Ring. In the cinematic, you will see Talion and Celebrimbor forging The Ring Of Power at Mountain Doom. He loses Celebrimbor, and Talion’s new journey begins with the Ring Of Power.

Find Celebrimbor:

Find Celebrimbor 1 Find Celebrimbor 2

After crossing the cave, you have to go in stealth mode. This is the first part where you will learn how to quietly kill the enemies around you. The controls will be displayed on your screen. A yellow marker means The Orc has not yet seen you, red means you are spotted. In the map, you will see the horde of the Arc that you have to defeat in this objective. Try to stay hidden, you hang on the edges of wooden platforms. Head to the big yellow marker, after killing all the orcs in your path. You will enter a cave with spiders, this will trigger a cinematic revealing Celebrimbor captured in a dark spell by a massive spider Shelob once an ally of Sauron.

Shelob Shadow of Mordor

The spider will turn into a woman, and ask Talion to give the ring. After the ring Shelob shares some vision with Talion about the attack on the Gondorian city of Minas Ithil for the Palantir.

Note: Shadow Of War features a Nemesis system like its predecessor. It is a real-time activity where your enemy grows and change on your basis of your interactions. You might encounter the same overload back ahead in a fight and on the basis of your past experience, that enemy can be more aggressive towards you. Every player is going to encounter a unique enemy depending on how you play. So below we are following the pattern on the basis of what we found. Do not forget to check the enemy’s weakness when it unlocks it will help you to exploit his fears, earn rewards and kill them fast.

Act I – The Siege Of Minas Ithil Walkthrough

Shelob’s vision turns out to be true, Celebrimbor suggests Talion to seize Palantir before it gets in Sauron’s hand.


Find Intel on the Orc Commander: Zunn the Tyrant

Find Orc Shadow of Mordor

At the beginning, you will learn to jump from a height without taking any damage, jump down and look in the left hut. Interrogate the Orc and you will get your first Intel Sauron’s Captain.

Zunn the Tyrant is a Marauder Commander. You can see his weakness Dazed by Stealth that you can effectively use in defeating him. Lock the target.

Find the Orc Commander’s Trail:

Once you lock the target, you have to find the commander trails, follow the yellow marker, to ease your fight you can Stealth kill the Orcs in your path. Look for Orcs with Green marker on their head, they are the ones who will give you important Intel’s to move forward. In this area, you can find intel’s on three commanders Zunn the Tyrant is one the other two are, Mogg the Dreamer & Krakhorn Graug-Slayer.

Zyunn The Tryant

Zunn the Tyrant: Weakness – Dazed by Stealth: Become Dazed after Stealth Attack.

Mogg The Dreamer

Mogg the Dreamer: Weakness: Beast Fodder: Heavily damaged by Beast Attacks.

Krakhorn Graug Slayer

Krakhorn Graug-Slayer: Weakness: Mortally Flammable: Can be killed instantly using Fire.

After getting the Commander’s Trail you have to head toward the City. Follow the Yellow marker your path will be blocked by a few Orc’s this is the location where you will learn to use Bow and Arrow, you will also learn to use Focus for locating Trails that will lead you towards your objective. While running gathers the blue arrows from a cartwheel on right. On the bridge shoot the explosive box to take down multiple targets.

Identify the Orc Commander:

After crossing the gate you will have to locate the Orc Commander, switch to the Wraith world to locate the commander. The first one you will fight with is Zunn the Tyrant.

Defeat the Orc Commander: Zunn the Tyrant.

Zyunn The Tryant Stealth Attack

You will have to climb up from the right, keep going up till you reach the roof and you will see the commander at a distance. For stealth attack, quietly climb up on the top pillar where the commander is available with his army. Climb on the pillar on your extreme left. Attack the commander, he will be shunned for a while, next you have to fight with the Orc army around. But you will get some backup from Idril. After defeating the commander Collect his gears that will be required later for upgrades. You can go in the inventory and increase your power and abilities by equipping a more powerful gear. Defeating Powerful Captains will reward you high-quality gear.

Follow Idril:

Follow Idril towards the tower gate. The objectives in this path are to fight the Orcs to rescue the Sergeant. You have to do this three times till Idril finally takes you to the gates. Talion chooses to stay outside. The next objective here is to defend the gates. This is the place where you will learn to use Heavy Attack, you have to wait for Glaive and then you can perform the heavy sweeping attack. Use the attack to Defend the Gate which is your next objective. In the next cut scene, you will see Idril gets a task to secure the Relics by taking it to Henneth Annun. This is the end of this mission, you will gain some Skill points here, remember these skill points will be rewarded on the basis of XP you make in the game. You can then use these Skill Points to unlock new Skills or to upgrade your current abilities.

The Seeing Stone:

Build the Power of the Ring: Play as Celebrimbor

Power of The Ring

In the next cutscene, Celebrimbor tells his story about his attack on Sauron and your next quest begins. You will be now playing as Celebrimbor. You will also unlock Elven Rage a new Skill that will help you to rapidly kill multiple enemies when the Wrath is full. This is more like a back flashback of Celebrimbor life. Once the Wrath is full, you can use the Ring Power.

Defend The Gate:

At Minas Ithil, Idril and the commander Baranor is trying to protect the relic. After getting heavily attacked by Uruks, your next objective is to Defend the Gate. Follow Idril towards the Gate, and kill the Uruks outside. Stay out of the red circle that is the place where you can face heavy damage. Once again follow Idril, and you will see the Siege Beast.

Disable the Siege Beast:

Siege Beast

By attacking the highlighted point you can do more damage to the beast. Go near the beast and use your Bow and Arrow to damage the beast. Attack one above the head and one on the back below waist. Then Mount the Siege Beat. After mounting, you will have two objectives. First to destroy around 60 Assaulting Forces and another Enemy Siege Beast on your left. Attack the crowd below to kill the assaulting forces. After using the beast you have to kill the beast and head to the next Siege Beast. You will also get new Skill: Shadow Strider. This will help you to cover bigger gaps while double jump. You can also change direction with it. If you want to you can play the Optional Objective: Reach the Siege Beast before Time Runs Out, or continue with the main story.

Siege Beast 1

You have some 46 seconds to reach the next Siege Beast, use your new power to jump longer distances. Mount the beast as you did before and use it attack Assaulting enemies. This time you have to destroy 80 if them and kill 2 Enemy Siege Beast.

Knife In The Dark:

In this mission first Talion is attacked by Olog-hai (War Trolls), these massive creatures are the new enemy added knows. They hold powerful attacks. You have to be a bit defensive while dealing with them, you can dodge their attacks and slide through their legs. You can also mount them if you landed well on the head. Gollum will try to save you, but he will fail. Now it’s your turn, you can use Charge Shot to stun the War Troll, you can use a series of Melee attacks to defeat him.

Defeat Olog-Hai: Use an arrow to stun him and then attack, you have to be very quick, just for few seconds you will be able to see the controls blinking on the screen. He is not a so tough, after defeating him follow Gollum.

Follow Gollum:

Gollum will take you to Shelob the Spider. She will give a vision to Talion that has a path to save Minas Ithil. The vision is about a secret Assassin who will kill Castamir and to protect Palantir, he must be protected. Gollum will tell Talion to go to Cirith Ungol to find the Assassin. So follow Gollum.

Defeat 4 Uruks

Defeat 4 Uruks: Kill four Uruks as you reach near the Assassin. There is a Morgai Fly Nest on the broken stone entrance shoot that. Then keep following Gollum. Next, follow the trails and on your right, you will see a dead body, you have to investigate the victim.

Ghul Eggs

As Gollum stops enter the Wraith world to locate trails, to distract the enemy on the backside of the wall there are Ghul Eggs, you can shoot it to attract Ghul’s. Ghuls are the new enemy added in the story. The victim is on the roof of the stone structure, to avoid much interaction you can climb up through walls and follow the Trails. After you find the victim, return to Gollum and he will take you to the next victim.

Defeat the Patrol: To move ahead you have to take down the Patrol guarding the gate ahead. Enter and fight them off one by one. There will be one War Troll. Continuing following Gollum and you will reach the third Victim.

Enter the Wraith world to find the victim trails, you have to sneak around in Stealth mode if you don’t want to engage much into a fight. You will also see a green marker. Follow the trials and you will find the victim who will give you info about Khrosh the Assassin. Weakness: Heavily Damage by Executions. He is now your new target.

Khrosh the Assassin:

Khrosh The Assassin

After getting the intel your next objective is to Reach the Assassin. In battle, you can gain extra rewards if you are able to Exploit his fears. Once you reach the assassin, you will see he is surrounded by many enemies around. You have to fight them all one by one. you cannot use Stealth here. After killing the assassin the mission Knife in the Dark is completed. You will also unlock a new skill Death Threat. It will help you to send a Worm to deliver a Death Threat to a caption that will increase his level, after defeating him you can gain a higher quality of gears.

No Man’s Land:

Go and meet Baranor, he will tell you about a Warchief, these are powerful orcs guarded by Captains. In order to kill a Warchief you have to first find the Captain, it will make your path easier in defeating the Warchief. You can find the guarding Captain in the Army menu. In our menu, we find Narug the Heartless (Dark Destroy) a Level 12 Warchief, guarded by Level 10 Bolg Blade Master (Warmonger Archer). Lock the Captain as your next Target.

Bolg Blade Master:

Find the Bodyguard’s Trail: Once you got your target, your objective to hunt the Captain starts. As a bonus objective if you complete 5 Baranor Stealth Kills you will get 100 coins. At this point, you might also get a new skill Kill Command. Through this, you can command an ally or you can summon Bodyguard to kill nearby targets. Head to the yellow marker, use Focus to locate the trials. Kill Command skill will really help you to clear your path. Baranor will follow you in this quest. Once you locate the Captain, you will see he is heavily guarded.

Bolg Blade Master

Defeat the Bodyguard: Once you are spotted the bodyguard will follow you for the attack. A simple way to defeat him is to first kill the orcs around in stealth mode. Some are not immune to bow and arrow it can be used to stun them. In our game after killing the captain, we received +800XP and a Gondorian Armor.

Call Followers Upgrade will unlock that will help you to defeat the War chiefs by taking help from Soldiers from Minas Ithil. You just have to hit a button to call Gondorian followers. This also ends the mission No Man’s Land.

Rain Of Arrows:

You have to go back to Shelob to know more about threats to Minas Ithil. This will trigger the next mission. Pick the mission to begin your next quest. You have to find Baranor. This will start the quest of finding and defeating the Warchief.

Defeat Archers without Raising the Alarm: Bonus Objective – 0/4 Stealth Kill Archers (Reward-300 coins)

Defeat Archers Stealth

Here you have to take down around 10 Archers you are guarding the Warchief. There will be yellow marks all around, try to go quietly, and hide first. You can be easily spotted. Start with the first one who is right ahead of you on top. then begin killing them from left one by one. do not jump anywhere in the center area. There is Morgai Fly Nest around, you can shoot it for distractions. Some of these archers can be easily killed with arrows, you don’t really have to travel towards them. The place is pretty huge, you will have to walk through ropes and jump over the rocky wall to reach the archers. So take your time. after killing the last one.

Reach the Vantage Point without Raising the Alarm: Once done kill all, reach the Vantage Point, to summon the Gondorians. Wait there for a while, and the Warchief will appear.

Defeat Narug the Heartless: Warchief

Jump down and attack the Warchief, he will be guarded by three Bodyguards. You have to fight kill them all and then you can finally deal with the Warchief. The Warchief is having a pretty high health, so first take down the guards. Try to make a distance from the guards, in the area where you fight. If Baranor is injured you will also have to revive him. The guards are the most annoying part, you have to deal with them first and then the Warchief.

After killing the Warchief the mission Rain of Arrows is over, Talion Level is now 12. To begin the next mission gets back to Shelob.

Traitor’s Gate:

Shelob’s visions point towards a Traitor in Minas Ithil. Talions next objective is to find who he is. Gollum will help you in locating it so follow him. Gollum will take you to a messenger. In the path you will also have to shoot Spiders Nest, she will help you to Summon Shelob’s brood. Keep following Gollum till you reach a castle.

Follow the Messenger:

Follow Messenger

After you see the messenger you have to follow him in Stealth mode. Use Wraith world to get locations of enemies around. Use the plants around to hide, you can reach near the gate by hiding in it. Wait there for a while, you will see a group of Uruks coming out and getting attacked by the spider. Once they pass, enter the castle. Stay hidden, you can kill the enemies in your path in stealth mode. It is best to climb on the roof of houses instead of staying low on the ground. Once the messenger has done talking follow him quietly through the roof of big houses. Shoot down distance enemies through arrow and use Double Jump to cover larger distances. The messenger will head towards meeting the Warchief, you have to quietly follow him, use the ropes around to move ahead.

Messenger War Chief

Defeat Warchief: After the Warchief kills the messengers, you have to kill him. He is having a few allies around who will attack you by throwing spears. Get rid of them first. Remember this one is a Level 17 Warchief it is a huge risk to fight him. Along with it is also time-consuming as the health bar is big and it goes down slowly. If you try killing him first, the allies around will attack you and you will lose a nice amount of health. More will appear after riding on a war beast. So this one is a pretty hard area for you to fight. The war chief also has a shield that makes him bit immune to your direct attack. You have to jump on his back and attack him. Elven Range will help you more. For the war beast, first, shun them and then attack. After defeating the Warchief, you have to interrogate him.

This ends the mission Traitor’s Gate. At the end, you will get Darkest Cloak. A Level 13 Legendary item, this cloak increases Poison Damage to the enemy by 19%.

The Arena:

Returning to Minas Ithil, The Witch-King asks for Talion for a fight, against releasing Idril’s father. Idril asks Talion to keep the Uruks busy and in the meanwhile Baranor and she will be on a mission to rescue her father. These beings the Talions fight with Uruk’s Champions.

Ur-Heku the Herald: Level 8

Uruk Champion

You will have to defeat the Champion. Try to dodge his attacks first, you slide between his legs and attack from behind. The champion can counter many attacks from the front. This is the first champion you will be dealing with. Your next objective is to Taunt the Crowd. As a reward, you will get Gondorian Armor.

Rash Skin-Flayer: Level 10

Uruk Champion 2

Next, you will face another one, he is with bow and arrow. Also, there will be other Uruks in the arena who will attack you, you have to survive that fight. Stay in the Arena, and let the Uruks charge you. After defeating the second champion you earl Level 13.

Buth the Enforcer: Level 8

This one appears in our arena, one with spears, he turns out to be a weak Level 6 champion so killing his is not a big deal.

Orthog Blood Hand- Level 18 (Fiery Feral Slayer (LEGENDARY))

Champion 4

Next, you will be dealing with a high-level Champion, probably a Level 18 in our case, along with the other Uruks who are constantly shooting and attacking in the arena. Depending on the Nemesis system you will be dealing with a powerful Champion at this point. And this will be a very competitive fight. The champion we fought with throws burning spear that eats up 40% health in one attack. Plus he was able to counter-attack from front pretty easily. You have to plan your own strategy in killing the champion, at all cost try to dodge whatever attacks he throws on you. Also, avoid getting cornered by enemies. After killing the fourth champion, you will see a cutscene. This is the end of The Arena mission.

Before Dawn:

The Uruks ran away from the city, but Idril is more concern about his father’s safety General Castamir. Talion is assisting Idril on this mission.

Sneak into the Orc’s Camp: Idril will ask Talion to look into the Uruk’s camp ahead. After sneaking into you have to rescue 8 Captured Soldiers. It is best to go with Stealth mode here. You can avoid creating any alarm, by sneaking from behind and using Idril as an ally to attack the enemies. Three soldiers will be at the entrance others are inside the camp. The fastest way to kill the guarding enemies is by using bow and arrow. It will save your time from running around. Follow the yellow arrow for soldier’s location.

Defeat the Remaining Camp Guards: Once you are done with rescuing the soldiers, you have to kill all the guards in the camp. You will see a lot of yellow marker on the map. Those who are far make use of bow and arrow to kill them, those you are near you can cut them with swords.

Rescue Castamir: The next objective is to rescue the General. Next you Reach the City, and in your path you will have to deal with a lot of guards on the bridge, defeat them all and return to the city. General and Idril will assist you. This is the end of this Before Dawn. Talion Level will now be 14.

The Fall:

Talion returns to Shelob for the final vision, where he founds the General as the Traitor and final attack on Minas Ithil.


Hold the Courtyard until Reinforcement Arrive: After the final attack, you will see the city gate is almost destroyed. You have to hold courtyard, by defeating enemies in your path. Drakes are like evil dragons that will attack with fire, you have to shoot them in the head. You have to fight for approx 2 Minutes for defending the courtyard. Next is Drake. Kill it will grant you Carved Wealth Gem.

Push Back The Invaders: After defending the gate for 2 minutes, re-enforcement arrives. You have to push back the invaders. Kill all which you find in the area, along with a Level 15 Bubol Raid Leader. He is the Assault Leader. As he appears at the gate you have to kill him along with other Uruks. Focus on killing the leader more, there are soldiers around who will take care of others.

Defeat the Nazgul: There are multiple versions of Nazgul, this will be a tough fight you have to deal with. You will have to dodge his attacks, the Nazgul can teleport and attack you. So do look around, you have to defeat everyone in the hall. This will be a bit long fight, the good thing is that, not all of them will attack you once. You will get a good amount of time in attacking them. You have to Banish each of them one by one.


once you banish all of them, look the next cut scene. Talion meets the Witch-King. The vision shown him by Shelob, comes true. Talion is attacked by assassins, and the city falls.

Follow Eltariel to Shelob’s Liar:

After walking up follow Eltariel. This is more like a running level, where you will be heading straight towards Shelob’s cave with Eltariel. Shelob is being attacked by Nazul. After saving her she returns the ring to Talion.

This is the end of Act I where Talion gets the Ring of Power back, and the city Minas Ithil falls. Now he is on a mission to build his own army to defeat Sauron. You can read our walkthrough on Act II – Rise To Power, or you can refer our Shadow Of War Wiki Guide.