Act III: Shadow And Flames, Act IV Ending Walkthrough – Shadow of War

In Act II Rise To Power, Talion builds up his army of Uruks to take over Sauron accompanied by Celebrimbor. After killing Zog, he heads to the castle of Sauron with Eltariel. There are two Acts left now Act 3 – Shadow and Flame and Act 4 – Shadow War. Shadow of Flame is the Ending of Shadow of War where Celebrimbor wants to dominate Sauron. While Act 4 – Shadow of War is a new 10 stage level where Talion gets some new abilities and keeps on controlling other regions of Mordor. Enjoy the two different endings in each Act.

Shadow of War Act 3

Walkthrough Act III – Shadow and Flames

How To Defeat Sauron’s Army:

Talion Sauron Fight

After selecting the main objective you will see the Sauron’s castle. Talion, Eltariel and Celebrimbor allies to defeat the dark lord. This will begin the quest Defeat Sauron’s Army. This will be a long fight as you will be facing Epic Level 29 and Level 23 captains in your path. With a massive army to face. The place where Talion is fighting is a bridge the goes to the castle. You can summon allies here, and you can use them to charge on a group of enemies. At the first you have to fight with leading captains of enemy’s army.

Fight Sauron Phase 2

Then come the next phase of fight, again you will face a group of army with the leading captains.

Then comes the third phase where you will be fighting up with three captains and a final wave of Sauron’s army. In between you can try recruiting captains so that they can fight on your side. this will help you to ease your battle a bit. After dealing with this massive crowd of enemies you will have to fight a series of captains in your path.

How To Defeat Nazgul Isildur:

Defeat Nazgul Sauron Castle

This is Talion’s final fight with Isildur. Previously you had seen that you cannot recruit a nazgul only banish them, but after you win you can recruit this one. Talion accepts to free him instead of taking him in his control which leads to fall of the ring the king is wearing. Eltariel will be there to assist you, to protect yourself from the magic of Nazgul you have to enter the light barrier. Also you will be fighting with other enemies in your path. After defeating the Nazgul you can watch his history through a cut scene.

Celembrimbor Eltariel

In the same cut scene you will also see Celebrimbor allies with Eltariel to destroy Sauron. Celembrimbor gives the ring to Eltariel and Talion is left to die. Shelob the spider gives Talion a vision. Talion takes the death king Isildur ring, and turns into a darker version after being left by the bright lord.

Capture Minas Orgul:

Capture Minas Orgul

Once Talion rise again, head to Minas Orgul and fight all the Uruks in your path along with a Nazgul. You will have to capture four victory points to take control on the city. now the powers are different not like what you have of Bright Lord. You can perform Shadow Strike. You can use Raise Dead Ability to summon the dead and fight with you. Other abilities like Quick Throw and Perform Execution will be available. So fight through the city and capture four victory points in order to get control of the city.

The Witch King

Three victory points will have a Nazgul, the last one will have huge orcs. Get to the Upper city after that and you will see Palantir. But it is guarded by Nazgul The Witch King. You have to dodge these attacks that you can do easily through Shadow Strike. The Witch-King can teleport and escape the point, he can also counter attack you. In between he will call u more Nazguls around. You have to fight them all one by one. In the next cut scene you will see Talion takes the Palantir and a new story continues where Celebrimbor and Eltariel are fighting Sauron.

How To Defeat Sauron:

The Dark Lord Fight

You will be now playing Celebrimbor and dealing with Sauron. In first phase Sauron will be in Elf form and can face good damage. Keep attacking him through various combos. In the next phase he will turn into a Dark Lord, keep fighting. It is necessary to dodge the attacks at this point along with this magic attacks. This will be again a long fight as you are dealing with the final boss of the game. keep attacking from the backside that will give you more advantage and you can dodge easily. Now there will be last and third phase of fight, where he will turn back into an Elf form to fight. keep attacking him till you get chance to Dominate Sauron. With a cut scene this chapter ends up. This will be end of Act 3.

Walkthrough Act IV: The Shadow Wars

This act unlocks after the game ends. You will unlock new skills and you can play random colleges in this. you will also get a new gear set here. You have to continue capture areas around and dominate the orcs so that they can join your army. You can also capture new regions and defend them from attack through the new Siege Missions. There are multiple stages in the Siege Missions. You have to play 10 stages of Shadow Wars before you reach a second ending.

So this is the end of Shadow of War, you can go through our Shadow Of War Wiki Guide for more updates and tips on the game.