Ultimate Beginners Tips For Middle-Earth: Shadow Of War

Middle-Earth: Shadow of War is a massive game, so far beginners it might be a bit difficult to get things started. So here’s a list of Best and Ultimate Tips for the beginners of Shadow of War.

Middle-Earth: Shadow of War is the Sequel to Shadow of Modor. There are no astronomical changes made to the game, but they have polished a lot more and have worked pretty hard on the Nemesis System. Shadow Of War has also introduced a new system to the game where you can tackle the enemy with the help of an Army. As there are several changes made to Shadow Of War, anyone playing the game thinking it as a sequel might face some problem. So if you want to master the game right from the start then follow the Shadow of War tips mention below on Combo Attacks, Gold and Mirian, Abilities, Inventory, and many other things.

Shadow of War Beginners Tips

7 Tips To Get You Started In Shadow Of War

Tip 1: You will not be able to create your own army until you don’t get to get to Act 2, at the Nurnen Region.

Tip 2: Make a habit of holding down a single Elf Shot, for just in case purpose, like if there is any explosion barrel to shot at nearby and if you are short of the Elf Shot, then don’t worry as there is a possibility that you can probably, recover some from the Orc, by dominating on it. You can follow the same processes if you wish to regain some health.

Tip 3: Try to keep the entire combo button in your head when the Might Meter is full. As this will let you dominate on the Orc, by pressing A+B.

Tip 4: Missions play a very important role in Shadow of War, as these directly affect the Nemesis System. So always have a look at the Map for the Mission. Many times you will have only 3 Chance to complete the mission before it expires so, always have an eye on the Map. Also make a note of, that every time you go for another Time limit mission, the timer will reduce down the time by one and if the mission expires then an outcome will be generated.

Tip 5: If you wish to have some nice amount of collectibles to collect then make a point of capturing the Haedir Tower in each Map. These Haedir Tower are scattered around each Map in a number of 3 and getting onto the top of it and acquiring it will let you create a fast travel between the regions and you will have a number of collectibles scattered around the region of Talion to collect.

Tip 6: Having a check at the surroundings is also a good idea with the help of the Wraith Vision, as this will let you know about the things happening in the surrounding like the number of Orcs, Captains and the other collectibles.

Tip 7: You will immediately go hidden as you hide in the Bushes and even make a sudden attack in the Orcs nearby, by sampling pressing the right trigger. This type of gameplay suits the best for the Stealth type players.

Combo Attacks And How To Perform Them

Combo Attack 1: Execution

What Execution Combo Attack Does – It helps you to take down a single Orc or Olog, or inflict heavy damage to a Captain, Warchief, or Overlord.

How to Perform

  • PS4: Triangle + Circle
  • Xbox One: Y+B

Combo Attack 2: Domination

What Domination Combo Attack Does – This one acts like Domination, lets you to immediately dominate on a nearby Orc or Olog, turning their allegiance to your side for the fight, and also helps in refilling Talion’s health meter.

How to Perform

  • PS4: Circle + Cross
  • Xbox One: B+A

Combo Attack 3: Wraith Flash

What Wraith Flash Combo Attack Does -: This ability sends a shockwave from Talion, which will either stun or fire nearby enemies.

How to perform

  • PS4: Square + Cross
  • Xbox One: X+A

Currency: How To Earn Gold And Mirian Quickly

Don’t waste your Gold and Mirian

  1. Shadow of War has got both the In-Game Currency known as the Mirian and Premium currency as Gold. These currencies can be used at the Shadow of War’s Market on the chests.
  2. You get Money for completing the tasks as well as for finding things while you are exploring the map. This money can be used to buy the crates, which will then let you have the different type of Gears and Orcs.
  3. These valuable things from the chest completely depend upon your level, so the best thing is to get onto these chests if after you have reached level 50 and Act IV. This will let you have a better and higher level of gears.

Mirian Farming Tips

As we all know that Mirian is the In-Game currency of Shadow Of War and it was the same for its predecessor. Mirian can be used to purchase upgrades as well as for upgrading the gears and even for buying some more things from the Shadow Of War Market. Below we have mentioned the best way to Farm Mirian.

Method 1: The easiest method to earn more Mirian is by destroying the unused gears. This can be done by getting into the main menu and by seeing the Talion’s equipped items and then destroying the ones you don’t want.

Method 2: For the second method, you will have to be active as you will have to constantly be on a look for the Mirian Drops. Many at time you will see an Orc with a White marker on his head; this clearly means that he is having a certain amount of Mirians with him, which can be collected after killing him.

Method 3: After that, you have completed the main story mission, go ahead and complete the extra objectives popping up, this will let you have some extra cash as well as some collectives. Make sure to finish the additional Objective prior to the main one as this will let you have rewards from both.

Method 4: Put your Orcs to work at the Death Pits, which are been scattered around Mordor. If your Orcs win at the Warrior level, then you will be having a heavy amount of Mirians to collect, around 1,000 – 5,000.

Abilities, Inventory, Special Moves And Other Tips

Invest In Abilities

  1. Abilities play a very important role in Shadow of War, as the complete game is based on the abilities and skills.
  2. You will get Skill points from the start of the game so do collect them and use them for, your base abilities as this will let you have more options in the game later.
  3. Investing in the base ability will let you have more options for combat and let you have more control over the skill challenges, which will let you have more experience reward and money as well.
  4. These abilities work on the hierarchy system, meaning from left to right. So to unlock the rightmost ability you will have to first unlock the basic one on the left.

Keep the Inventory Updated (New Gear)

  1. Gears are been divided into 4 types of Rarity i.e.: Normal, Rare Epic and Legendary. While you are playing at the Mordor you will be getting lots of Gear, which will be thereafter divided into their rarity.
  2. The best thing is to remove or sell out the Common ones and keep the strongest and the legendary ones.
  3. Legendary ones have got multiple update tiers, which gets unlocked as you perform better and unlock specific tasks. These legendary gears also provide with the best bonuses.

Don’t Rush For Quests, Go After Them One At A Time

  1. As the title suggests complete one quest at a time as there will be Narratives going on every quest which can be difficult to understand.
  2. Don’t worry, about missing some out the quests as multiple people in the game keep on giving guests.

Special Moves

  1. Well from the game’s predecessor, the Shadow of War doesn’t have anything to do with the combo meter but it has got MIGHT meter in exchange for it.
  2. This Might Meter fills up as the number of hits and moves you perform.
  3. The good thing is that you don’t need to use this might power right after it is completely full; you can use it whenever you feel to use it.
  4. The number of upgrades you have for Might Meter the faster it can be filled to the top.


  1. In order to Dominate the Grunt and Beasts, you will have to get the Ability, which will be automatically acquired by you as you progress in the game.
  2. Always keep this in mind that your dominance on the Grunt and Beast will reduce the enemies’ side by 1 and will let you have more allies.
  3. In order to defeat the Orc Captains in the later stage of the game, you will have to be more careful and précised, as he is mostly immune to Talion’s attack.
  4. Try dominating the Orc’s troops as this will help you to make a well-planned attack when the enemies’ captain will try to take your allies down.
  5. You can either recruit them in your team if they are of the same or lower level to Talion or Dominate them allowing you to Shame on them and Lowering their level.

That’s all for this Shadow Of War Beginners Tips and Tricks Guide. Stay tuned for more amazing updates on Shadow Of War.