Shadow of War Wiki – All Acts Walkthrough, Ithildin Door Poem, Skills And More

Middle-earth: Shadow of War once again take you to the Mordor, this time you will be building up fortresses, conquering new regions, and creating your own massive army to fight with Sauron The Dark Lord. The game is highly competitive with great bosses like Nazgul’s, Balrog, Giant Orcs, etc. With this, the Nemesis system adds a unique challenge for you to conquer new regions, overtake fortresses by killing their overlords. In this wiki guide you will find the full game walkthrough along with essential tips, unlocks, puzzle solutions and many more updates.

Shadow Of War Wiki

Shadow Of War Walkthrough

  • Act I Walkthrough: The Siege of Minas Ithil is the first part of this game where Talion heads to the city to help Gondorians, his efforts go in vain as the city falls.
  • Act II Walkthrough: Rise To Power is the second act. After getting the ring Talion heads ahead to get the Palantir, in this chapter you will also fight with Balrog. You build up a strong army by capturing fortresses and hire overlords to defend them.
  • Act III & IV Walkthrough: This is the Ending Walkthrough of Shadow of War. There are two endings here first you will see in Act 3 Shadow and Flames and one in Act 4 The Shadow Wars.

Unlocks & Puzzle Solutions

  • Epic and Legendary Orcs: In this guide, you can find tips for exploring Epic and Legendary Orcs in Middle-earth Shadow of War.
  • Unlock Legendary Set: There are 9 Legendary Sets in Shadow of Wars, you can refer the guide to locate and unlock all of them.
  • Ithildin Door Poem Puzzle Solutions And Rewards: Correctly Solving Door Poem puzzle will give unique rewards. Like Bright Lord’s Sword, Bright Lord’s Armor, Sword, Bow, etc. In this guide, you can find all puzzle solutions.

Abilities & Upgrade

  • Guide To Upgrade Siege Abilities: Nemesis System allows you to gain followers including Uruks and Ologs to build complex strategies and more. You have to Upgrade Siege Abilities to make your army stronger and in this guide, you can find tips on the same.
  • Combat Skills And Upgrades: There are 6 Combat Skills and a total of 17 upgrades. In this guide, you can find tips related to performing these skills and upgrading it.
  • Predator Skills And Upgrades – There are 6 Predator Skills in Shadow of War and a total of 13 Upgrades. Follow this guide to know more info on each Predator Skills And Upgrades and how to perform them.
  • Ranged Skills And Upgrades – There are 5 main Ranged Skills in Middle Earth Shadow of War and a total of 14 Upgrades. This guide give information on all Ranged Skills and Upgrades and how to perform them.


  • Shelob Memories Locations: Shelob is the spider in this game and her Memories is one of the collectibles items. The memories are scattered around in 2 regions in this guide you can find their locations.
  • Rare Mounts Location: Players can Mount 7 different types of the beast in Shadow Of War. So if you are facing a hard time to locate them then try out the guide.

How To, Tips and Tricks

  • How to Farm Experience and Level Up Fast: Talion can quickly gain experience to level up his character, followers, and recruits. Upgrading your Character unlocks more skills, stronger Orcs, and higher loots.
  • Keyboard And Mouse Controls: Control guides for players who are playing Shadow of War on PC.
  • How To Disable Microtransactions or Loot Boxes – There is a NEAT trick which allows you to disable Microtransactions or Loot Boxes in Middle Earth Shadow of War.
  • Ultimate Beginners Tips – Follow this guide for some interesting tips and tricks to get you started in Middle Earth Shadow of War. There are also details on ways and key combinations that you need to press to perform Combo Attacks.
  • How to Defend Fortress – This Fortress Upgrade Guide for Shadow of War will show you how to defend any Fortress you have conquered in Middle Earth Shadow of War.
  • How to Destroy Fortress – This Fortress Assault Guide for Shadow of War will show you how to destroy any Fortress in the game with ease.
  • 7 Pro Tips For Shadow of War Beginners: Middle Earth Shadow of War is a massive game so follow these 7 Pro Tips to understand the game mechanics from the very start.
  • Transfer Followers to Other Fortress – It is possible to Move or Transfer your Strongest Follower to another Fortress. Follow the steps provided in this guide to Transfer Followers to Other Fortress in Middle Earth Shadow of War.