Shadow Warrior 2 Easter Eggs and Secrets


Shadow Warrior 2 is a reboot for 2013’s Shadow Run and you will continue to control Lo Wang five years later after shattered alliance between his deceitful former boss and the ancient gods of the shadow realm. This article will show you the exact location where to find the Easter Eggs and secrets in the game.

Easter Eggs and Secrets

Easter Eggs and Secrets

Minecraft Cave Easter Eggs

The first in our list is the Minecraft Cave which can be located during the Mission – Ninja’d Scrolls. In the second part where you need to recover the missing student Dojo Kid. In the same place where you kill the guard to get the Key find a hidden passage and a secret wall, destroy it and enter the Minecraft Cave.

shadow warrior 2 minecraft easter egg

Developers Room and Posters

Head to Dragon Mountain then enter the Wang Cave.

shadow warrior 2 developer easter eggs

Devolver Digital Games and Marks

Inside the Wa’ Cave where you find the Developers room, look for Games Hard Reset, Hotline Miami, Serious Sam on the arcade machines. All of these games have the same publisher Devolver Digital.

devolver digital easter eggs

Anime Model

Another Anime Model can be seen in Dragon Mountain where you need to double jump the cliff in order to find her.

shadow warrior 2 anime model


While in story mission Big Trouble in Calamity or side missions Demon Trafficking and Flirty Fishing – part 2 make sure you check out this Easter egg.

shadow warrior 2 pokeball

Big bomb and a washing machine

After checking out the PokeBall Easter Egg get past through the waterfall outside to find this secret cave with Big bomb and a washing machine on the left.

washing machine easter egg

DC Superheroes Batman and Wonder Woman

While in Dragon Mountain inside Wang Cave, look for the Washroom door to check this out.

shadow warrior 2 dc


Inside the main office in Wang Cave, check the laptop.

shadow warrior 2 alienware

This was all the Easter Eggs we have found so far. If you have come across any other secrets in Shadow Warrior 2 then do let us know in the comments below.