Shadowrun: Hong Kong Guide to all the possible Endings and Unlockable Achievements

In Shadowrun: Hong Kong there are 5 possible ways to end the game. There are few *SPOILERS* Ahead, so read at your own risk. This Guide will also show you on how to get the story achievements ending through Prosperity Tower and Walled City.

Shadowrun: Hong Kong

Ending 1 – It’s Just One City(Bad Ending)

So one of the ending for the Shadowrun: Hong Kong is “It’s Just One City” which I call it as a Bad Ending as all you have to do is crack the deal with the so-called Queen With a Thousand Teeth ‘Qian Ya’. To get this ending all you need to do is to agree with the Queen after the second fight and in return she will offer 14 years of Luck in the city.

After the Luck is granted to the City, you have to kill Duncan, Gobbet, Is0bel and Reginald as they disapprove your deal with the Queen. At the end are only left with Ractor(if he joins you from the beginning) and Gaichu(if you recruit him). The Game will end and you will earn the achievement “It’s Just One City” with the below Screen.

Ending 2 – Making Amends

This is also a normal ending where you don’t have to do much like ‘It’s Just One City’. A slight change for this ending, now you need to attack the queen when you start the conversation or just disagree with the deal. You crew will also help you to fight against the Queen and after you defeat her she will fade away.

Later, Reginald will sacrifice himself to shut down the Fortune Engine when you press the button after the chit-chat. And the Ending is here, You and your crew starts celebrating the win on the ship and you continue to live in Hong Kong. This will unlock the ‘Making Amends’ achievement with below screen.

Ending 3 – Good Fortune

This Ending is quite good then the above two as they were a bit confusing, Weren’t they? As nobody slept and also there are few more requirements for this ending like:

  1. You need to sleep more than 5 times before you go and talk to Raymond.
  2. You need to complete the side story of Is0bel after talking to her 2-3 times and she will take out the story of a kid who tricked the Yama Kings.
  3. You need to learn Raymond’s Line that almost break up the Family Fights. You can learn it by talking to Duncan after missions. This will be used to turn the tables on the Queen’s conversation.
  4. 4) Last is the merchants part named Crafty who is right next to the ship. Talk to her few times and she will send you 2 emails. Open them on your computer how Yama King are bounded with the deals and cannot decline the Queen’s request.

Once you complete all the above they proceed with the missions. Rescue Raymond, Beat the Queen twice after the second fight tell her that you have earned your audience. When she will offer the deal, simply reject it and select the first option(Something about Yama Kings). She won’t refuse your proposal and she will return to her realm. The Ending is a bit similar to Making Amends’, but you will save Raymond. The Game ends with the same screen as the ‘Making Amends’ and unlocks ‘Good Fortune’ achievement.

Ending 4 – Pyrrhic Victory

This is all same as the ‘Good Fortune’. Follow all the steps till the Queen’s Fight and then try to convince the Queen to take Raymond with her. you need to focus on the conversation and she will say that she can keep Raymond with her. Just agree with her.

The Ending screen same as the ‘Making Amends’ and unlocks ‘Pyrrhic Victory’ achievement.

Ending 5 – Story Decisions

The Final Ending of the Shadowrun: Hong Kong is the ‘Story Decisions’. There are few things which will affect the ending(depends on which ending you choose).

  • If you haven’t 3 or more metadata’s to the Maximus Law, he will survive or you’ll either kill him or convince him to leave (one of those two things will earn you achievement) or Bao will kill him himself.

    Note: If Bao dies, tech shop dies with him (bug)

  • If you killed Gaichu, he won’t be joining you in the end.
  • If you haven’t spoken with Racter, he won’t be joining you in the end.
  • If you chose any other ending besides “It’s Just One City”, and if you completed Is0bel’s storyline, you’ll unlock Memory Lane achievement after you talk with Is0bel on the ship

    Note: This is an optional mission in the end, don’t miss it!

  • Give the data you found in Prosperity Tower to Auntie and in return she’ll give you 5000 yen
  • You’ll get a message from Bao threatening you in the mission computer.

Here were the all possible endings for Shadowrun: Hong Kong. And now are some missable achievements during the last mission in the game.

  • Punching the Queen in either fight, you will earn ‘God Puncher’ achievement
  • If you bring Gaichu with you into Walled City and you let Ku Feng live, you will earn ‘Monster Squad’ achievement
  • Hack all three matrixes on all three floors to hit data stores of the Prosperity Tower(When you save Raymond). You will earn ‘No Stone Unturned’ achievement.
  • You earn “Wouldn’t Want to be That Guy” achievement by attacking an enemy with Ku Feng(when he was on fire and bleeding, just add a poison).

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