The Shaman’s Path Walkthrough – The Frozen Wilds DLC

Horizon Zero Dawn On PC

In the previous quest Into The Frozen Wilds, Aloy was able to reach a new area and unlocked the game map via errand Tallneck: Frostfigures. The Shaman’s Path is the next big quest in The Frozen Wild DLC of Horizon Zero Dawn, this part Aloy is locating trails of Ourea, who is a Shaman and hidden somewhere in the valley. So there will be a long travel here. It starts as you find and meet Naltuk.

Shamans Path

The Shaman’s Path Walkthrough

Find Naltuk:

Override Tower

When this side quest begins, find Naltuk, once you find him, you will have to get some info about Ourea. Next inorder to convince him you will have to Override the Control Tower ahead, along with killing the rogue machine Daemonic Longleg. The objective is simple, quietly move towards the control tower, and avoid the scrapper in your path. use the spear to override the tower, you will be later attacked by the Longleg kill it, kill all the leftover machines and then get back to Naltuk. He will tell you about the location of Ourea which will be a long mission.

Find Shaman’s Path:

Once you reach the marker, you will find a cave with blue crystals all around. Go inside and Activate the Ritualistic Marker for direction. Keep following the light, and walk through the cave. Cross the rope and you will reach one ore Ritualistic Marker. Use it and scan the area for Wind Chime. Once you get a large supply crate, turn around, walk a bit ahead and climb up. Keep scanning the area and move ahead till you find a machine. Destroy it and you will come outside the cave. You have to head to the next marker, this is long walk. There will be Ritualistic Marker in your path that will offer you direction.

Follow Shamans Path

You will have to cross the hilly area, with moving bridges below water fall. You will have to swing through the rope. Look for rope stairs that will help you to move ahead. Finally, you will see a cut scene, where Aloy was about to fall. Keep moving ahead, and you will reach a Control Tower. Once again you will have to destroy it and the massive machine – Frostclaw. There will be to optional objective here, you can destroy the Tower and fight the machine or quietly go towards the Shrine. If you plan to kill the machine use Firearrows and rope caster on it.

Go to the Shrine:

Follow the next marker, you will have to climb up and then walk over the rope to reach the other end, and you will reach Ourea’s Retreat. Cross the metal door, Explore the area.

Restore Power to the Door:

Shaman Unlock Door

Finally, you will reach a locked door, to open it you will have to restore its power. For that turn around and walk to the extreme right end, in this room again on the right end side you will find a tunnel that will take you towards Source Node. Go in the center to use the spear. This will activate the puzzle, you will have to rotate the nodes around to pass power. There will be only one red one, rotate the nodes clock or anti-clock wise to pass power through each node. This will unlock the door, return to the door.

Explore Ourea Retreat

After crossing the door explore the area, you will have to climb up from the left side, you can see yellow pipes and metal platforms. Use them to climb up and pass through a tunnel, you will exit the mountain from right end side.

Find Another Entrance to Ourea’s Retreat:

Second Door Ourea

As you go out, keep moving ahead there is a metal platform, jump down and then ahead you will reach stairs. go up once again and you will see another door on the top. Go in and take the door on the right end. You will reach a locked door on your left this will lead you to Ourea. After a cut scene, use your Spear in the center of the room.

Restore the Power to the System:

You will once again use the nodes to restore the power, rotate them the clock and anti-clock wise to restore the power. There will be many nodes this time. Next, there will be a small message. Once you solve the puzzle, get back to Ourea and talk to her.

This completes the quest, you can talk to her on all matters to get details about the Spirit and Daemons. Also, collect the weapon she will offer you a Banuk Stormslinger, this can fire charged bolts. A side quest For Werak will also unlock after this. For more such guides and tips on the game, you can also read our Horizon Zero Dawn Wiki.