Skellige Gwent Deck, Location, and Tournament Guide – The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine

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All the Gwent Fans will be happy to see the final expansion of Witcher 3 as it features lots of new Gwent Cards, abilities, and the Great Beauclair Gwent Tournament to play with the newly added Faction – Skellige Deck. While collecting the missing cards you will unlock various trophies and this Gwent Guide will show you where to find all the missing cards and Tips on how to Win the Battle with Skellige Deck.

Skellige Gwent Deck

Skellige Deck Guide

The new Deck for the Gwent Card Game added in Blood and Wine DLC is called – Skellige and it consists of burly men and women, Viking boats and bears and with various abilities never seen before. The best place to start looking for these Cards is by purchasing and challenging the merchants of Toussaint. Here is the List all new cards added to the DLC and from Skellige Faction.

Crach an Craite(Faction Leader)

  • Unit Strength: –
  • Card Ability: Unknown


  • Unit Strength: 10
  • Card Ability: Hero

Clan Brokvar Archer

  • Unit Strength: 6
  • Card Ability: Unknown

War Longship

  • Unit Strength: 6
  • Card Ability: Tight Bond


  • Unit Strength: 4
  • Card Ability: Berserker

Donar an Hindar

  • Unit Strength: 4
  • Card Ability: Unknown


  • Unit Strength: 4
  • Card Ability: Unknown

Light Longship

  • Unit Strength: 4
  • Card Ability: Muster

Clan Heymaey Skalf

  • Unit Strength: 4
  • Card Ability: Unknown

Holger Blackhand

  • Unit Strength: 4
  • Card Ability: None

Birna Bran

  • Unit Strength: 2
  • Card Ability: Medic

Young Berserker

  • Unit Strength: 2
  • Card Ability: Berserker


  • Unit Strength: –
  • Card Ability: Triggers Berserker

Skellige Deck Card and Miraculous Guide Location

If your main priority is to complete the Skellige Deck then we recommend visiting the Cockatrice Inn as soon as you enter Toussaint. Here you need to play Gwent with Innkeeper which will trigger two side-quest – ‘Never Fear,Skellige’s Here’ and ‘To Everything Turn,Turn,Tournament!’. These Side quest will show you not only find the Missing cards but also get registered for the Beauclair Gwent Tournament.

Now that you know which cards to collect it will be completely random where to find the cards and each area has a Book called the Miraculous Guide to Gwent. This Book will show you the list of all the Gwent Cards available in the game and which are the one you missing from your collection so let’s look out for the Miraculous Book Location and where to find them.

Gwent Playing Scholar in White Orchard

The First Miraculous Book can be acquired by defeating the Gwent Scholar you meet during the game prolog. If you still have doubts then directly travel to White Orchard, talk to this Scholar and beat him in the game to get the book as a Reward.

Merchant near St. Gregory’s Bridge

If you find it hard to beat the Scholar from the White Orchard then simply head to St. Gregory’s Bridge signpost then head towards South-east and finally on your west of the plaza you will find this merchant, but you cannot simply have the book you must purchase it for 3 Crowns. Once you have the book, open it and look for the places where you will be able to find more missing cards.

Tips to Win the Tournament and Deck Guide

Once you’ve collected all the Skellige Missing Cards you will unlock ‘I Have a Gwent Problem’ Trophy. Now you are free to enter the Great Beauclair Gwent Tournament where you will be asked to defeat the Monster, Nilfgaardian, Skellige and Scoia’tael decks first. So before we start with the actual One to One Battle Tips we would like to show you the Strength of Skellige Deck that might come in handy.

Minions Combo – For Massive Damage try pairing up Shield Maidens, War Longships, and Clan an Craite Warriors together.

Madroeme Buff with New Berserker – With the Touch of Madroeme Buff you’ll have several minions transforming into very powerful various of Combo.

Leader’s Ability – Did you know Crach can move all the cards from to graveyard back to our deck? This ability is very powerful against decks like Nilfgaard and Northern Realms. While King Bran makes all the weather effects remove half the attack power you can easily use them against the Minion Deck.

Power of the Hero Card – Cerys can be used with Shield Maidens which makes a powerful combo. Place two cards of Shield Maidens for Round 1 and if they end up in the graveyard you can use Crach(Leader) to use his ability and bring them back to the deck then use Cerys and make Shield Maidens more powerful.

Coming back to the Tournament we recommend now to use the same deck for all the battles as it completely depends on your Gwent Skill and how strong your Deck has been in the game. Here are the Best Decks we have used to Fought against the Opponent Deck.

Against Monster Deck

For you first match in the Tournament, we recommend using a bit of Biting Frost cards to rule the board from the start. So We can have Skellige Storm, Two Scorch, and superior combo minions to Overpower them.

Against Nilfgaard Deck

Here you must be using 3 Decoys in your deck from which one you must draw from the beginning. Try to Bait him with his Scorch against one unit and then overpower him with the minions(if he still doesn’t use the full deck).

Against Skellige Deck

You must have two Scorch as he will be vulnerable against the removals and as this will be a tricky move it can easily grant you success(As far as we have seen).

Against Scoia’tael Deck

This is the last match of the Tournament and here the opponent Deck’s leader has an upper hand as he can kill your strongest close range unit so you must try to play around and take two Scorch with you instead of one. At the end, we found Kambi to be a useful card to a mix-up and lead to a perfect win. This is Still a 50/50 win ratio but worth a try.

Once you Successfully defeated all the 4 opponents in the game then you will be rewarded with 1000 Crowns and a Trophy which you can use to Decorate the Vineyard Villa. Even if you lose the tournament then you’ll get 500 Crowns as a reward, but no trophy. This was all about the Skellige Gwent Card, Tournament, and Deck, if you have any doubts regarding the Card or game then do post them below in the comments. Also, check out our Blood and Wine Guides to know more about the game.