Skyrim Nintendo Switch Error Fix Motion Controls Issue, How To Remap Buttons And More


Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is finally available for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation VR. We all know how massive this game is so there is no doubt that players are going to experience some issues at launch. In this guide we are going to provide to Fix for Skyrim Nintendo Switch Issues – Motion Controls, Audio, Amiibo, How to remap button, and many others. So let’s start with our Skyrim Nintendo Switch Error Fix guide.

Skyrim Nintendo Switch Error And Fixes

Skyrim Nintendo Switch Error Fixes

1 – What Languages Skyrim Support On Nintendo Switch?

  • How to fix: Skyrim on Switch defaults to English voices. For players in Europe, fully localized VO packs will need to be downloaded separately. The game will check the system language and if it’s French, Italian, German, Spanish or Russian, you will be prompted to download the free optional voice pack from the eShop.

2: Space Required To Install Skyrim On Nintendo Switch?

  • How To Fix: The minimum space required to install Skyrim for Switch to the internal system storage is 14.5 GB. The title takes up 14.3 GB on a game cart. This means if you have a cart you only need a 0.2GB download only.

All Skyrim Motion Controls And How To Fix Them

1: Can’t Perform Power Attack With Left Joy-Con

  • Issue – I’m partially stuck after trying to perform a power attack with the left Joy-Con while on horseback
  • How To Fix: Dismount the horse. Left-handed power attacks currently do not work on horseback. This issue is fixed in the 1.1 update that’s available now.

2: Stuck At Mid-Air Animation

  • Issue: I’m stuck in mid-attack animation after trying to perform a power attack with the right Joy-Con
  • How To Fix: Press the right side attack button (ZR by default) to complete the attack. This issue is fixed in the 1.1 update that’s available now.

3: Attacks Not Registering

  • Issue: Attacks are not registering when using the up and down motion with the left hand
  • How to Fix: For left-handed attacks, use the side to side motion in order to perform attacks. This issue is fixed in the 1.1 update that’s available now.

4: Cannot Bow Bash Using Motion Controls

  • Issue: I cannot bow bash using motion controls
  • How to Fix: Use the left Joy-Con trigger to bow bash. This issue is fixed in the 1.1 update that’s available now.

5: Archery Crosshairs Drift Downward

  • Issue Archery crosshairs will gradually drift downward with an arrow/bolt drawn
  • How to Fix: Turn off motion controls and use game controls to aim.
  • NOTE (Second Fix) – Rest the controllers on a table for a few seconds. They should auto-calibrate this way.

Skyrim Amiibo Errors And How To Fix Them

1: Master Sword and Hylian Shield Do Not Display Properly

  • Issue: Master Sword and Hylian Shield do not display properly on weapon racks and wall displays
  • How to fix: Store the items in containers such as chests or wardrobes. TThis issue is fixed in the 1.1 update that’s available now.

2: Can’t Receive Items When Scanning With Amiibo

  • Issue: I’m unable to receive items when scanning the same amiibo for different characters
  • How to fix: Players can only scan each amiibo once every 24 hours (real time, not in-game time) to summon a chest. Attempting to scan a particular amiibo more than once in a 24 hour period will result in messaging telling the player the amiibo can’t be used again that day.

3: Nothing Happens When Amiibo Power Is Used

  • Issue: When using the amiibo power, nothing happens
  • How to fix: When casting the amiibo power, be sure to aim at the ground where there’s enough room for a rune and a chest.

4: No Bonus Perks While Wearing Champion’s Tunic

  • Issue: Equipping a light armor/light Elven helmet while wearing the Champion’s Tunic does not grant the player any bonus effects for the following perks: Wind Walker, Matching Set, Custom Fit, and Deft Movement
  • How to Fix: Equip different light armor pieces for the torso, hands, and feet slots.

All Skyrim Nintendo Switch Audio Issue And How To Fix Them

1: Loud Burst After Fast Travel

  • Issue: I sometimes hear a loud burst of static, especially after fast travel.
  • How to fix: Try loading a recent save. This issue is fixed in the 1.1 update that’s available now.

Skyrim Nintendo Switch – How To Remap Button

  • How to Fix: Skyrim on Nintendo Switch does support Button Remapping. In order to Remap button in Skyrim Nintendo Switch for example – Change ZR to just R – follow this step: You can access Button Remapping feature in Skyrim Nintendo Switch by SELECTING “CONTROLS” Option and adjust the button mapping there.

This is all we have right now on Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Nintendo Switch Error and Fixes. Stay tuned as we will update this post with more Errors and Fixes. If you are facing any other issue and are not aware of how to fix it then do share the details about in the comment section below. We will let you know the fix for it.