Mission 4: S.O.E Walkthrough – Call of Duty WWII

In the previous Mission: Stronghold, Daniels with this troop was able to take full control over Marigny. In this mission S.O.E, you have to move ahead to stop the train, there will be a few stealth based objective in the start. You have to go slow and once you reach the train there will be a jeep mission with a dramatic action pack cutscene in the end.

Mission SOE Walkthrough - Call of Duty: WWII

Mission S.O.E Walkthrough (Near Argentan, France)

Stop the Train


Move slowly and first kill the sniper. Next shoot down the soldiers near the truck. Crowley into the house and kill the soldiers quietly with a knife. After killing one in the house there will be another one outside. Avoid raising any alert, as you move ahead you will see a jeep hide on the pillar on the left side. Once the jeep is gone, kill two soldiers and walk through the truck.


You have to head to the marker, this is mostly a stealth-based mission, you have to stay hidden at all cost. Enemies will walk around in turns, you can stay back and kill them one by one. once you reach near the marker you will spot three guards near the fire, kill them and then enter the house. Once you get an alert that you had spotted, kill down the remaining soldiers in the station, and then get towards the door. Next is a jeep mission, drive towards the train.


Keep driving towards the train, avoid rocks and trees in the path, they will reduce your speed. Zussman will take the wheels next, mount the rife on the back of the jeep and shoot all the soldiers on the train. Zussman will drive the jeep towards the front of the train, your objective is to keep shooting the soldiers on it. shoot the cylinders on the train to kill multiple ones. Pickup grenade and throw it outside. As the jeep comes in the path of the train, jump.

Rally with your Squad


Follow Zussman, and in your path keep shooting the enemies. Pick up the weapon from dead soldiers, and keeps on shooting. MP-40 is a handy gun in this fight, use that. There will be many soldiers in the path, so stay in cover and shoot. They will pop out to kill you. Use a smoke bomb to ambush them. There will be a dog attack also. Once you reach to your platoon, there will be a short cutscene.

Here the Mission S.O.E ends, a new member from French Resistance joins the club and brings a new objective. You can read our walkthrough on the next Mission Liberation or you can also go through our Call of Duty: WWII Wiki guide for more tips and updates on the game.