Star Wars: Battlefront Cheat Tips and Tricks: All You Need To Know To Unleash The Force

 Star Wars: Battlefront Cheat Tips and Tricks: All You Need To Know To Unleash The Force

Star Wars Battlefront is among the most hyped games in recent history, being powered by the upcoming Star Wars: Episode VII movie and a series of positive previews coming from the latest events in the industry. The recently released multiplayer beta has confirmed all of these positive impressions, taking people’s hype even higher.

Star Wars: Battlefront Cheat Tips and Tricks

But… what about you? Are you really prepared to the Star Wars Battlefront launch? Do you really know everything you need to know to unleash the force which is hidden within you? We’ll see… in the meantime, take a look at a full set of tips, tricks and things you need to know about the beta now running wild on the Internet for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Game Modes

Walker Assault

The Rebel side has to secure and activate pairs of uplink stations. The longer your uplinks are activated, the more Y-Wings will come in to bomb the AT-ATs leaving them vulnerable to rebel attack. Take down both Walkers to win the game.

Rebel Side

  • You can only damage the AT-AT when it’s vulnerable during a Y-Wing Bomber attack.
  • If you find an Orbital Strike wait until the AT-AT is vulnerable to use it.
  • Use the X-Wings and A-Wings to deal large amounts of damage to the AT-AT.
  • Use the T-47 airspeeder to take out an AT-AT on the last stage when it’s vulnerable.
  • Use the Ion Shots Star Card to increase your blaster damage against the AT-ATs, and other vehicles.

Drop Zone

The objective is to capture fallen drop pods. Make your way to a drop pod and trigger the claim process. Your team will win if it captures five pods, or controls the majority of them after the 10-minute match is up.

  • Use the Personal Shield star card to help you capture objectives.
  • Each captured pod will drop three pickup items.
  • A good strategy for getting the pods quickly is to jet pack in and use the Personal Shield while capturing it.


  • Hold off waves of Imperial forces including AT-STs, elite stormtroopers and more. Only 6 normal difficulty waves are available in the beta.
  • Gameplay
  • Use 3rd person for greater awareness.
  • Crouching and aiming does not increase your accuracy.
  • If you weapon overheats, time your “reload” correctly to perform it quickly.
  • Shielded opponents are still vulnerable to melee attack (though also able to melee).


  • Vehicle power ups always appear in the same spot. It appears as though the X-Wing and A-Wing power ups reappear when their respective ships are shot down, but the T-47
  • Airspeeder power ups do not, leaving only three airspeeders to bring down the walker.
  • The hero power up takes the place of a random standard power up.
  • Vehicle and Hero pickups expire if you don’t use them quickly.
  • You can find charges for your Charged Star Cards in-game as well.
  • Speeders are slow and rather helpless vs Interceptors having only the defense of high health and a targeting jammer. They are actually so slow and unmaneuverable that a single pilot can control the skies easily. And the Empire gets three of them.
  • Additionally ATGARs (radar dishes) can hit them easily due to their speed, and the two AT-ST spawns have a smart rocket that they can also fire that will lockon to the nearest vehicle unit or turret.

Random additional tips.

  • Slowing down with a fighter actually increases the damage of your shots (more power for the guns). This would explain why sometimes you can down a guy in just three hits instead of 10 or so.
  • ATGAR guns (Radar dishes) will oneshot other turrets on the map (as well as deal significant damage to a fighter if you can hit one). For the empire, on that last point the ATGAR at the top of the hill can score you a lot of instant kills on rebels attempting to make use of their static defenses.
  • It’s important to have all three air vehicles in at once. Take out the opposing air vehichles then fire in a specific pattern.
  • Spawn to Uplink Station. Turn around. Uplink Station to spawn. Turn around. Repeat.
  • As soon as more vehicles spawn take them out. Helping out your air buddies is key.
  • When the AT-AT is vulnerable hammer on it as much as you can. Dont worry about other ships.
  • Slowing down and speeding up will throw off the aim of other ships.
  • If I have a good air team and we can support the ground teams well we usually kill at least one AT-AT.
  • When spawning in, you’re never dying uselessly. You are distracting the opposing teams air support at least.
  • A-Wings and X-Wings can shred AT-STs which is really useful to helping your ground troops take an uplink. If one of those AT-STs goes free it can totally drop control of an uplink.
  • Ion grenade is an impact grenade when it hits a vehicle, or manned/unmanned turrets. It does 40 damage to AT-ST, +15 to AT-ATs, 1 shots manned and unmanned turrets. Also, when you have reckless strafing TIEs? You can lob them up and 1 shot them.


  • You can play as Luke Skywalker or Darth Vader in Walker Assault on Hoth. They each have 3 abilities to use.
  • If you hear the theme music, a hero has entered the battle.
  • To play as a Hero you have to find a Hero Pickup, this pickup randomly replaces a standard (grenades, shields, turrets, etc) pickup on the map.
  • As a hero, every defeated enemy regenerates your Power Bar. If it runs out you will be defeated.
  • Hold the aim button to block enemy fire using the lightsaber.
  • If both heroes heavy attack each other they will enter a lightsaber battle.