Star Wars: Battlefront How to win in Fighter Squadron

 Star Wars: Battlefront How to win in Fighter Squadron

Fighter Squadron is one of the Star Wars: Battlefront mode. It’s a 20 Players large scale aerial battle where the players fly TIE Fighters and Interceptors, X-Wings and A-Wings to fight and win the battle. Here are the best tips on How to play and win the Fighter Squadron in Star Wars: Battlefront.

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How to play Fighter Squadron

As you begin with this Fighter Squadron mode you’ll see the Sky is full messed with various AI ships making it more crowded and difficult. You can easily target the AI ships as your still learning the ropes then you have to move to the actual living targets. You can also earn some extra points by protecting or attacking the transport ship as they drop in at every interval.

Various power-ups are scattered around the maps, but they are hard to hunt. If you are able to find such power-ups, it can help you with a shorter cooldown of the weapons, faster repairs, other abilities and bonuses. The Pickups like Hero Starfighter lets you fly some iconic ships like the Rebel’s Millennium Falcon and same for the Empire’s Slave-1. Such power-ups ships are for limited time with massive destructive power to damage these combat ships.


The Empire Ships are specially equipped with the speed boost to escape any rough situation whereas the Rebel ships are equipped with a shield which can avoid certain damage from the enemies(if they’re in a twist). Here both the Higher Ships have an advantage of the blasters and missiles. It’s hard to spam them when they near to their cooldown timer. So you must plan to attack them on time with proper planning or with the use of the power-ups.