Star Wars Battlefront II Wiki – Campaign Walkthrough, Collectibles Location and Weapon Guide


Star Wars Battlefront II brings a campaign mission along with multiplayer. In the campaign, you will get the chance to play various character along with the leading character Commander Iden Versio. This a short story of the battle between the Inferno Squad and Rebels. The campaign mode has a pretty short story, but there is a lot of things to explore in the multiplayer. In this wiki guide, you can get the full walkthrough of the story mode, along with valuable tips and tricks on collectibles, weapons, etc.

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Campaign Walkthrough

The Campaign is not very long you will be playing around 12 missions after Prologue. This can be completed in around 4 to 6 hours.

  • Mission 1 The Cleaner: This is the first mission that is more like a prologue an introduction of Commander Iden Versio.
  • Mission 2 Battle of Endor: After escaping from the Rebel Ship, Commander Iden Versio head to Endors to battle against the Rebels. There is a TIE fighter objective in this part.
  • Mission 3 Dauntless: In this mission, you will be destroying the Ion Cannons and release the Star Destroyer from clamps.
  • Mission 4 The Observatory: You will play as Luke Skywalker on Planet Pillio in this mission, this is a short mission to locate the observatory.
  • Mission 5 The Storm: The mission take place on Planet Vardos, where Commander Iden Versio and Agent Del Meeko are sent to retrieve Gleb, before the planet is destroyed.
  • Mission 6 The Outcasts: Commander Iden Versio and Agent Del Meeko instead of following the orders, chooses to save the civilians, which turned them to against the Empire. In this mission, you will fight with Rebels.
  • Mission 7 Royalty: Finding out that Theed will be the next target, Iden Versio and Meeko heads to the planet to save it from the attack.
  • Mission 8 General Distress: In this single mission you will be playing as Han Solo on Takodana, your objective is to locate information hidden by Paldora.
  • Mission 9 Under Covered Skies: Iden and Del plans to capture Admiral who is also her father, but they face Commander Hask.
  • Mission 10 Cache Grab: Iden tells the Rebellions about a weapon cache on the abandoned factory of Sullust, you will be playing as Lando in this mission. The objective is to steal the weapon before Empire.
  • Mission 11 The Battle of Jakku: You will be fighting with a fleet on Jakku, there are air mission in this part. Rescuing allies who are in the war is also one of the objectives in this mission.
  • Mission 12 Until Ashes: Iden wants to save his father, the Admiral, so this mission she crash lands on the Star Destroyer and head ahead to save him.
  • Mission 13 Discoveries: This is the Final Mission of Battlefront 2 where you will play as the Dark Warrior who is trying to gather info about a map.

Collectibles Locations, Tips, and Tricks

  • Hidden Collectibles Location: The game has hidden collectibles that are scattered in various missions, in the single-player story. Refer the guide to get their exact location.
  • How to Earn More Battle Points: To improve or unlock the character you will need Battle Points. In this guide, you can find a cheat to earn battle points faster.
  • Get Millennium Falcon: Millennium Falcon is one of the best ship in the game, in this guide you can find tips on getting it.
  • Best Weapons, Guns, And Blasters: Tips on best weapons you can use in Battlefront 2 on the basis of different classes.
  • Earn Credits And Battle Points Quickly: Credits and Battle Points are essential for progression in Battlefront 2, in this guide you can find tips to earn them fast.
  • Galactic Assault Tips: Galactic Assault is a challenging mode where a team of 20 players will compete with each other under Defend and Attack objectives.
  • Heroes vs. Villains Mode Tips: In this 4vs4 Death match you have to learn which characters are the most powerful and what abilities they own, in this guide you can find updates on the same.
  • Loot Crate Tips: Loot Crates brings various items for crafting, Star Cards, weapons, etc. In this guide, you can find info on the loot boxes.
  • Starfighter Assault Tips: In this guide, you can find tips on the objective based space mission mode.
  • Strike Assault Mode Tips: Tips for playing the objective based 8 vs. 8 player match.
  • Milestones And Crafting Tips: Tips on crafting parts and milestones you will find in different levels.
  • Star Cards List And What They Do: Star Cards are essential for upgrades, in this guide you can find the class wise list of Star Cards and what they offer.
  • Unlock All Weapons In Battlefront II: Tips on finding and unlocking weapons in the game, each of them requires a set amount of kills. In this guide, you can find info on the requirements to unlock the weapons and to upgrade them.
  • Vehicles Critical Hit Locations Tips: Many vehicles in Battlefront 2 have a critical damage point, where you can get around 70% damage. In this guide you can find info on that.

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