StarCraft II – PC Overheating Bug Fix

If you have started to play the StarCraft II then you must have been already experience that game causes your PC to overheat. It is because the StarCraft II is roasting your machine.

This Overheating bug is been confirmed by the Blizzard. According to Blizzard, the game doesn’t cap the frame rate it uses when rendering its menus, which causes the system to overworking itself on rendering the menu, and that causes a big increase in heat.

If you want to fix it then go through following easy steps:

Navigate to Documents\StarCraft II and open the variables.txt file, after opening it add the following two lines at the bottom of file:

Now you can save the file and it’s Fixed. This is temporary fix provided by the Blizzard and there will be soon patch fix of it. Personally i advice that, you take little break till then Patch Fix comes by Blizzard, you PC will thank you.

From Blizzard Customer Service:
There have been multiple reports of black screen issues being related to the use of a Quick Cam webcam.
In some cases exiting out of the software has resolved the issue but others have reported a need to uninstall the software for the camera in order to resolve the problem.
There are also reports where some security programs like Comodo firewall can cause the game to start and stay on a black screen.