Starfighter Assault Tips Guide – Star Wars Battlefront II


Among the 6 modes in Battlefront II, Starfighter Assault is one. In this mode, two teams will enter into a multi-stage battle. A team of 24 players max can participate in this battle. Every map is objective based. You will notice a bit of similarity between this mode and Galactic Assault. In this guide, you can find essential info and tips on the game that will help you to progress if you are going to participate in this mode.

Battlefront Starfighter Assault

Battlefront II Star-fighter Assault Tips

What Is Starfighter Mode & What To Do Here?

Starfighter takes place in out place where the team is divided into three classes. They are The Fighter, The Bomber, and The Interceptor. In this objective based mode, the attacking team will have a set of objectives to follow. They have to destroy in three phases, while the defending team will be stopping them. As you begin in the first phase you will have to neutralize Light Cruisers before you break the shipyard’s defense. Then you will be making your way towards the Shield Generators and destroy them. You will be either placed on Rebel/Republic Side or Imperial/Droid side. Both teams will have objectives to play in order to win the match.

Tips On Playing Starfighter Mode:-

Look Star Ship Ability In Detail: You can view the abilities of a star ship. This is necessary, you can use them effectively against the opponents. So as you are in the lobby looks down in details about the abilities your ship has.

Always Use The Star Cards: If you are having Star Cards in your collection make sure you use it for different ships. Star Cards offer you extra benefits so you must always have a look at them before moving ahead. You can use your abilities and weapons a lot more effective against your enemies. The Star Cards will also help in level up that means more strength against opponents. Do not forget to open your daily free loot crate.

Know What You Have To Do: Ample of time you will be facing issue because of imbalance team, so it is necessary that you and your teammates must know their roles. It will be a critical contribution towards your win. It is necessary to have multiple types of ships in the battle instead of a single type. If you have similar ships the opponents have the better chance of counter attacks by understanding the strategy of your fight pretty easily. If you choose to be the fighter, stay offensive. Fighters must be always engaged in attacking. The Interceptor on the other side should focus only on the main target, not everything flying around. And the Bomber must focus only on the heavy ships that are defending the location.

Be Best On Controls: Try to practice a lot to learn the control effectively, if you are having really fast hands on the control that means you will be really quick in taking actions. Understand the ship controls well, for example looking behind for finding out who is chasing you, dodging the incoming attacks by flying left or right, etc. You can block missile attacks towards you by flying toward the debris in space.

Third Person For Large View: If you are sitting in the cockpit view, you will unable to fly it well due to lack of view available. Always fly in the third person view, you can get a right judgment of your location, the enemy around and you can be very quick in firing. Instead in the cockpit to look around you will have to turn around which can eat precious time in the battle.

Chase & Destroy: It is always good to chase down the enemies and destroy them, the less they are the less trouble you will face in your next objectives. But do not spend too time in chasing only, try to have a bigger view of the area, and target the ships.

Follow Your Team: Nothing works best without a teamwork, try to be near to your team and attack the group if possible. This will help you to draw out a large number of opponents in really less time. This requires coordination, so you have to be a team player.

Sot these are some essential tips you can apply in Starfighter Assault, you can also share your best tips in the below comment section. For more updates on the game, you can also read our Battlefront II Wiki Guide.