Starters Guide Tips and Tricks for Resident Evil Zero HD Remaster

Resident Evil Zero HD Remaster is now available and just like the previous series there will be dangerous boss fights. The gameplay remains largely the same as previous entries in the series, so the player will be facing the most dangerous and Giant boss fights. This Beginners Tips and Tricks Guide will show the simple basic starters things every player should know about the game mechanics.

Beginners Tips and Tricks Guide

Beginners Tips and Tricks

We are going to talk about the basic game mechanics that you should be aware before you start taking out the different enemies and Boss Fight. So without any further ado, let’s begin with the Beginners Guide.

Know Your Area

The First and the basic tip for every game is to know which area you have entered and are you heading right way? The Map is the only way to know where are you currently and where you need to head in order to collect items or items you drop on the ground. If you want to look out for a specific item then you can also filter your search by selecting the tab from the bottom of your screen. Then filter it with what you want to look for such as Ammo, Key Items etc.

Hint: Use One Room to drop per item to look things sorted for later search.

Items to Pick up and Drop

Like we said before the gameplay remains the same as previous series, but if you haven’t played any of the previous series then don’t worry we are there to help you. You need to think twice before you pick up any item as you must know what is more important for current objective.

If you think you have picked up an unnecessary item for now then you can drop it on the ground and later pick it up when you actually need it. As you don’t have the option to Discard any item from your inventory. Also, follow a clean method of dropping the item one room like if you want to drop healing items select one room and dumb there so you know where to go when you are out of stock.

Abilities and Modes

Both Rebecca and Billy have their own skillset and best at their work. Rebecca is good with mixing items whereas Billy is helpful with moving heavy objects. Select the best Character you want to play with and get the best gameplay effect. Next is the Modes which you should be very clear with before heading into next area or getting into a Boss Fight.

You get two Modes option while playing, where you can either play Solo and let your partner play as an individual or try Team Mode where you and your Partner will play as one and the other will protect and follow you wherever you go. If your Partner is in danger then don’t just look and them getting killed, just go there and help them.

Weapons and Enemies

You are controlling the best fights of Resident Evil Zero HD Remaster and you must know their true capabilities from the fight two fight. This will help you fight the Giant, dangerous Boss in the game. Grab the weapons and know them how much damage they can provide and where to use them.

Welcome the new latest entry in the Boss List – Leech Men who is the most dangerous and different type of beast. The Only way you will take him down is by grenade launcher and some flame rounds as the normal fire do not work on him.

Playing it Like a Pro!

As you known the players capabilities, weapons, skill and enemies, it’s time to explore it like a pro. What we mean is to Play in Solo mode and Split with One of the Character. This will help you explore the game, even more, adventures then you think with a partner. If one of your characters gets stuck then you can switch to another and help him/her out. its very simply and trust me it makes you gameplay more thrilling by exploring a large, scary mansion alone.