Steam Error e502 l3, explained

Something is amiss.

Steam Valve portable PC

Image by Valve

Being a massive platform that millions of people use to play and buy games each day, it’s understandable that Steam will have issues from time to time. One such issue is the e502 l3 error. This error can pop up at any time that players are using the service, either when trying to connect to games or make purchases on new ones.

It’s actually extremely common during big events, like the launch of large titles, and especially during Steam sales when everyone is trying to get online at the same time. Error e502 l3 is related to player connections, and will often pop when you cannot get through to the servers at all.

Now, it doesn’t matter if the reason for that is too much traffic, or the servers being down, and one of the more interesting things about error e502 l3 is that it can even pop up when you try to access your own library if Steam is busy enough, or suffering bad enough server issues.

As a server-side error, it also means that there is nothing you can do at your end to resolve the problem. This e502 l3 error is indicative of a problem on Steam’s end, not yours. As such, all you can do is sit back and fight the urge to spend that cash on another store before Valve resolve the problem or traffic stops spiking and the service becomes stable again.