Steel on Steel – Battlefield 1 Walkthrough Episode 3: Chapter 4

In Battlefield 1 Episode 3 – Chapter 3: Breakdown we managed to collect all four Salvage Replacement Sparkplugs and fix the Black Bess. In this mission, we continue towards the final part of the chapter where we enter the main field if Cambrai. Let’s get started with Chapter 3 of Episode 4 – Steel on Steel Walkthrough and see what happens with Edward and Black Bess.

Episode 3: Chapter 4 Steel on Steel

Steel on Steel Walkthrough

Advanced Through The Village At Bourlon

After the cutscene, you are very well aware of the village now so go ahead and drive inside to get through the village at Bourlon. You will encounter a couple of tanks waiting for you ahead so we will take right and head down to let them follow you. Drive forward and take all the tanks and turrets coming in your way. Remember to take cover while repairing, if you are hit by any grenade or launcher then your repair will stop.

the village

Secure Bourlon Railyard

According to Townsend, we must follow the train yard on the other side fo the hill to find the main road that leads to Cambrai. Head up the windmill route to find the other section of French Soldier. First, focus on the Artillery then the tanks and lastly the soldiers. Make your approach and just make sure you keep an eye on your tank health.

secure bourlon railyard

Destroy the Counter Attack Force

Finally, we need to wait for the reinforcements to head back to you. These are a couple of mini tanks. Try to take cover behind any building to waste enemy fire and while firing try to move back and forth and aim precisely. You need to repair your Black Bess time to time and don’t let the health fall down below 35%.

destroy counter attack force

Advanced to Cambrai Rendezvous

After facing the counterattacks, you are all set to take down the highly armored tanks. Try to damage them from the distance before the enter the main area. Now drive towards the Cambrai and wait for the Artillery to hit you. Watch the last cutscene.

advanced to cambrai rendezvous

Thus completing the final chapter of Episode 3. You can either continue to the next Episode 5 – Avanti Savoia or check our Battlefield 1 Wiki to know more about the game walkthrough, collectibles and much more.