Step to Install “Minecraft beta 1.8 pre-release”

Last week Jens surprised everyone by releasing Minecraft Beta 1.8 for expert gamers. However many gamers were left wondering how they can also try this new Minecraft content.

Minecraft logo

And so to remove all doubts of gamers, here is a quick guide on how to install and play this Minecraft 1.8 pre-release on Windows. But before giving out the steps, i would like to mention three important points regarding this Minecraft beta 1.8 pre-release.

  1. Players are not required to delete their current world.
  2. This pre-release version is full of bugs and glitch (check out list of bugs HERE.)
  3. This pre-release version will work only on legitimate copy of Minecraft

Step 1: First of all download the Client “Minecraft.jar” file. You can download the file from the following links

Step 2: Go to Window start menu. Windows 7 and Vista users type “%appdata%” in search bar. XP users do this via “RUN”

Step 3: Navigate and open the “.minecraft” folder

Step 4: Now Navigate to “BIN” folder where Minecraft.jar file located

Step 5: Now all you need to do is replace the existing “Minecraft.jar” file with newly downloaded version

Step 6: Now close folder and run Minecraft. You will see new Nojang logo appears which confirms that installation was successful.

Step 7: Enjoy the pre-release version of Minecraft beta 1.8