Steps to Downgrade PS3 from Custom Firmware (Any)

 Steps to Downgrade PS3 from Custom Firmware (Any)

The steps to downgrade Playstation 3 having a custom firmware (CFW) is very easy, and basically its a process that brings the console back to its factory settings. The main benefit of having a custom firmware on PS3 is that it allows you to run programs that you would not be able to run on regular firmware.

PS3On the other hand, the major drawback of having CFW on PS3 is that you won’t be able to play through Playstation Network, as only those PS3 are allowed to play via PSN that have the most recent firmware from Sony installed on it (in simple terms official firmware).

Below is the step by step guide to downgrade PS3 from Custom Firmware.

Step 1

  • Switch ON PS3 by pressing power button on front and also switch ON PS3 controller to activate it by pressing the power button on it.

Step 2

  • From PS3 Menu select “SETTINGS” and then “System Update”

Step 3

  • Now select “Update via Internet” option. As soon as you select this option, PS3 will automatically search for latest official firmware update from Sony

Step 4

  • After search is complete, Select “Update” option to download the latest official firmware, and then select “INSTALL” option after completion of download (Sony’s user agreement will appear).

Step 5

  • Select “Accept” option below the user agreement. The firmware upgrade process will begin. We advice PS3 owners not to touch PS3 controller and the console itself during the upgrade process.

Step 6

  • Immediately after completion of upgrading process, PS3 will restart. When PS3 turns back ON, select “System Settings” from console’s “Setting Menu”, and then select “System Information” to cross check. In System Information all you need to check it that it does not reads “CFW”.

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