Stopping Marchenko – Deus Ex Mankind Divided Boss Fight Walkthrough

After helping Miller in Mission 15, you have to make a choice to either Stop Marchenko or Save the Delegates. If you choose to Stop Marchenko then this guide will show you how to defeat the Boss Viktor Marchenko with ease and stop the Bomb. So let’s get started with the Final Boss Fight.

Stopping Marchenko

Stopping Marchenko Walkthrough

Run towards the North from and get to the Exhibition area. If you have the Bomb Jammer from Allison(Mission 11), then you’ll have 10 minutes to get to Marchenko and if you fail to get there in 10 minutes then you won’t be able to save the bomb. As you make your way towards the Exhibition area you’ll encounter few Guards. Take them down or use the vent to get past them.

Defeat Marchenko

After the cutscene, the fight will start and the area is full of turrets, laser beams and drones so we recommend to head upstairs first to take cover. From there you can take all the drones and turrets easily. Finally, it’s you and Marchenko so use all your Augs and weapons against him and don’t think twice. On the upper section try to avoid all the mines and laser beams as they can drain your max health.

Note: Avoid Close Combats as he has an Upper hand with them.

Move Objects, collect more ammo from different rooms if you are running out of ammo. At last, we had only a Pistol left to take him down. Use all the grenades and EMPs along with your firing. It will be an easy kill for a Boss fight we have come across. Once you get him down search his body to get the Praxis Kits.

Thus completing the walkthrough and you can continue to Final Mission 17 – Protecting the Future or check our Deus Ex Mankind Divided Wiki to know more about the game collectible location, tips, tricks, and cheats.