Mission 5 The Storm Walkthrough – Star Wars Battlefront II

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In the last Mission 4 The Observatory, for a short mission, you played Luke Skywalker to locate an Observatory. Once the mission is over in this part you will continue playing as Commander Iden Versio. She is sent on a mission to recover protectorate Gleb before the planet is destroyed, but things don’t go well. Denying the order turns Iden into a traitor, she with agent Meeko has to plan an escape route.

Battlefront Storm

Mission 5 The Storm Walkthrough

Reach the Archive:

Reach The Archive

After landing on Vardos, walk towards the stairs on right. After crossing the gate, keep walking towards the right end side, look for the flag, there is a second gate. Cross that and walk towards the statue. Enter the building behind that. Once you enter there will be a cut scene.

Escape the Archive Courtyard:

Escape Courtyard

After Commander Iden, and Agent Meeko deny working for Empire they were marked as traitors. You will have to escape the courtyard. This is a stealth mission, you have to move quietly to the next marker. There are platforms around where you can hide. Scan the area first before moving. You will have the locations of all troopers in the area. As you begin moving, go left first, there will be a trooper on right, you have to go behind him next. Take him down, and then again move from the left end towards the marker. Open the door to the passageway.

Reach Kestro Defense Center:

Kestro Defense Center

There will be troopers in your path in the passageway, use a sniper gun to take down the enemies from a distance. Once you cross the stairs you will find a box on the right, this will give you three new abilities, Recharge Vanguard, Bodyguard, and Survivalist. After getting those abilities, scan to locate the trooper’s location. The path will be filled with many, so you have to clear them down. After unlocking the door, you will reach an area with lots of Stormtroopers.

Kestro Defense Center 1

Scan, the area first, you have to kill them before you can cross the area. This will be a long fight, as there will be a huge fleet of soldiers guarding the place. Use bombs to take down multiple troopers, and shoot from cover. Stay back so that you can spot the troopers location.

Hijack the AT-AT Walker:

Atat Walker Mission

There will be a few more troopers around the walker, kill them and then Hijack it. This will trigger a Walker mission. Use the AT-AT gun to clean the path and keep moving ahead.

Destroy the AA Cannons:

Destroy AA Cannons

You will have to destroy an AA Cannons. The walker speed is slow, so you have to keep moving on the road, along with killing the troopers, scout walkers, and warplanes.

Destroy the AA Targeting Array:

Follow the red marker, to destroy the targeting array. Keep shooting at it. There will be two of them in front of you. After that, you will have to Reach the Corvus. The walker mission will continue, next, you have to destroy the barricade blocking the path. Shoot it multiple times and it will be destroyed. Go towards the wall and keep shooting it.

Defend Corvus Ship

After getting down, kill all the stormtroopers near the ship. Scan for the locations. Clear the area, there is enough debris around. You can cover and use a long range weapon to kill the troopers.

Defend the Corvus:

This will be your next objective, you have to defend the ship from troopers attack. Keep scanning so that you can get the locations. Do not shoot the others, you will see a red mark over the head of troopers whom you have to attack. Stay near the ship and defend it from the troopers approaching from the right side. at the end Board the Corvus.

This completes the mission, Command Hask now takes place of Iden Versio. You can read our walkthrough on the next mission The Outcasts. You can also refer our Star Wars Battlefront II Wiki for more updates on the game.