Mission 3: Stronghold Walkthrough – Call of Duty: WWII

In Mission 2: Operation Cobra, Daniels troops to capture the roadways in Marigny, France. In the next mission Stronghold, as this mission begins, you have to move ahead to take a full control over Marigny, this means a fighting with a lot of Nazi soldiers.

Stronghold Mission Walkthrough - Call of Duty: WWII

Mission Stronghold Walkthrough (Marigny, France)

Take the Church


After a short flashback, back into the battle, you have to go towards the church. Stay behind, if you move too fast you will have to face bombs. Start killing the soldiers around who are taking cover behind the cars and in the broken structure. It is necessary to go bit slow, stay behind the wall if you see too many soldiers. Take grenade from Pierson, and throw at the place where you see a lot of enemies, somewhere near the right wall of the broken structure. The bomber plans will drop bombs on the location clear up a path for you to move ahead.


Once you enter, the building, watch out for a soldier on your left, keep looking over the roof and shooting soldiers on the left end. Stay in the lower area, and stay in cover. Use some grenades if you plan to progress ahead near Halftrack MG. once you are able to get on the vehicle defend the area.

Defend the Area


Climb up the Halftrack MG, and use the gun to defend the area. Once the street is clear get down and then enter the church. Go through the crate in the center and equip ammo. There will be few soldiers in the center area you have to kill them before moving ahead. Take a position first and then move from the left side taking cover behind columns. A soldier with a flamethrower will appear from the main center door, move slowly from the left side, and kill the soldier.

Climb the Bell Tower

Open the courtyard door, and then you have to go up, there will be wooden stairs in the end that will lead you on top, let other soldiers go first.

Protect Zussman


Take out your sniper, and protect Zussman. You have to clear down the soldiers in the path, look towards the burning car, and kill all of them. Keep following the target point and shoot another one in the window of the building. Few more soldiers will appear on the ground. Next, comes the flamethrower, shoot him first and take down the others. Once cleared, hit the vehicle with soldiers. Look on the right of the Nazi flag, you will spot a few soldiers on the top floor. Once done, escape the church. While escaping you will have to escape the falling bell, and then run away following the left soldiers.

Defend the Town Square


After escaping the church, you have to move forward. Take cover behind walls and clear the enemies on the ground first. Avoid getting into the open area without killing all the soldiers, this will take time, so stay at one location and keep shooting around. You can use the flamethrower if you see too many enemies approaching your area. Next, you have to use the signal smoke for the bomber planes. Keep shooting the enemies and after some time you will see the bomber planes.

This ends the chapter Stronghold, which means the army was able to tack control over Marigny. You can read our walkthrough on the next Mission S.O.E, or you can also go through our Call of Duty: WWII Wiki guide for more tips and updates on the game.