Taking Care of the Business – Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Walkthrough

After getting the Evidence for Smiley in Mission 5, Miller will ask you to meet their Psychiatrist and get done with the Aug checkup. On the other hand, Alex has finally cracked the Whisper-Chip and has something more important. So without any further ado, let’s begin with the Sixth mission of Deus EX: Mankind Divided.

Taking Care of the Business Walkthrough

Taking Care of the Business Walkthrough

At the end of Mission 5, Jensen managed to get the Bomb Blast evidence to Smiley, but it seems Miller is acting too wired. Head directly towards the Headquarter and first talk to the Psychiatrist – Delara Auzenne in her Cabin. She’ll start questioning you about the past, present and future and how you feel about it after the accident at the railway station. Once you are done with Psychiatrist , head to the next room and meet Smiley to hand over the Chip.

Meet Vega At the L.I.M.B Clinic

Walk out of the office and Alex will contact you to meet and discuss the Whisper-Chip’s collected Data. She can be found down below in the L.I.M.B clinic and you need to hack the level 5 lock to get past the door. The Code is 4464 if you want to avoid the hacking process. Talk to her and you’ll understand how Miller and his Boss are planning to push you down in the Blast Case. Your job is to find out who really planted the Bomb and then continue your mission to Golem City.

Meet Miller At the Helipad

Leave the Clinic and take left towards the old Toy shop where you’ll find the Chikane’s place. You need to unlock another Keypad Doors by hacking and the Code is 4465 if you want to avoid the process. Meet Miller and he’ll brief you on the next mission at Golem City. Make sure you are all geared up before starting the next mission. Thus completing the walkthrough and moving on to the next Mission – The Rucker Extraction, or check our Deus EX: Mankind Divided Wiki to know more about the game.