Tales Of Zestiria Guide: How To Unlock Pre-Order Outfit And Artes Bonuses

Tales of Zestiria comes to PlayStation 4 and PC with a series of pre-ordered bonuses you can unlock the way we explain in this guide. Those bonuses include more outfits for your characters and a few extra Artes for a number of characters. These few steps will allow you to unlock everything you own thanks to the pre-order:

Tales of Zestiria

Step 1:

Start the game

Step 2:

Access your inventory so you can find you DLC items

Step 3:

The last tab there is there Downloadable Content screen. In this screen you can access all of your outfits and Mystic Arts. Select them even though you don’t have that specific character yet, as you will have the contents appearing as soon as you unlock them in the game.

The accessory can provide you with some technical issues during the cut-scenes (them clipping through the bodies, etc.), so you might be willing to limit and use only outfits and hair styles. The Artes are Mystic, not normal: do something special and they will appear on the battlefield. Usually you have to get a 50 hit combo, then hold a button combo down for a very powerful attack.