The 10 best Minecraft sex mods

Get down and dirty with these Minecraft mods. Wait, what?

Image via Mojang

Minecraft can be used for a number of purposes, such as artistic expression, education, or playing together with your friends. But with the freedom to create mods on any topic, it was only a matter of time until the modding community came up with sex mods — as with any game.

For players looking to add some adult experiences to their Minecraft games (we won’t judge that hard), these are the top 10 Minecraft sex mods we found. We’ve listed them in descending order by how appealing you might find them — you know, if you’re into that. No images here — use your imagination.

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10. FFC Texture Mod

The FFC mod will allow you to change the textures of enemies, allowing you to give them a variety of “enhanced female features.” There are possibilities to give these enemies some male features along with female features, which can result in some interesting combinations when encountering enemies.

9. Nude Male/Female parts models

This mod will allow you to remove the clothing of characters in Minecraft, both male and female. You can modify their body parts, enhancing certain figures and making unique combinations of body parts. While it is primarily used for removing clothing, you can also cater to some specific interests with certain combinations.

8. Models for Figura!

If you were just interested in changing the female textures, this mod will allow you to remove female clothing and view naked models. There are a variety of nude female textures, but there are also female textures that include male body parts for those who are interested in that genre.

7. Lewd Resource Pack

Instead of directly manipulating textures, this resource pack will allow you to put pictures of animated Japanese figures in lewd scenarios. You are also able to change combat noises to include sexy noises and decorate furniture with these pictures. The imagery can cater to a variety of interests, but be warned that some content can be more intense than others.

6. MC Sex

This mod will allow you to have some unique interactions with female character models in special houses designated for such activity. While there won’t be any actual animations for viewing, it’s not bad for those who would like the activity but aren’t interested in spending time watching.

5. Lewd-Craft

This will be a resource pack that allows you to affect enemy mobs and their appearance. There are several customization options to suit your interests, though this can take up a lot of resources if many enemies start appearing on your screen.

4. Girl Kingdom

If you prefer to actually have sexual interactions with the enemy mobs themselves, this mod is what you are looking for. There are several features for interacting with the mobs in the ways that you prefer, as well as customizing the mobs to fit the appearance of your choice.

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3. Pretty Flesh

Unlike other mods, Pretty Flesh deals with a nude female model who you can interact with. While there aren’t any animations, you can summon a new female model if necessary, while extracting certain substances from said model. What you name the model will also affect some of the interactions.

2. SchnurriTV’s Sexmod official

One of the best-known mods for Minecraft’s sexual side, this mod will allow you to actually have sexual encounters with a variety of female characters. There will be locations built specifically for this purpose, and you can get help on special Discord servers if you would like to configure the mod even further.

1. Jenny Mod

If you are looking for interactions with a single female character, the Jenny Mod is for you. You can change Jenny’s appearance however you like, and are capable of performing actions with Jenny if you pay her. The action you want her to perform will affect the cost, but it is one of the best mods out there when it comes to sexual animations.