The 10 best nude mods for Monster Hunter games

Turn up the heat even more while hunting monsters.

Image via Capcom

Monster Hunter is known for its variety of giant monsters, large weapons, and multiplayer where you can hunt the monsters with your friends. It’s a game that can take a while to learn, and potentially years to master. As you are continually grinding for monster parts or walking through the same landscapes, you might want to add some variety into your game to stave off the feeling of boredom.

That variety can take the form of nude mods for characters. You can start hunting while viewing your character models in their entirety, or see what other NPCs would look like without clothes. These are the best nude mods you can get for Monster Hunter, covering both Monster Hunter World and Rise.

10) Sick Gains EBB – Inner Armor (Monster Hunter Rise)

The Sick Gains EBB – Inner Armor mod will change the appearance of all Inner Armors to look like a fully nude body. Each model will have gloves on, and will need the gloves to hide the appearance of the hands. You will need other mods installed before this will take effect, but it’s a mod that’s easy on the eyes and gives you exactly as stated.

9) Yakuza Girl (Monster Hunter Rise)

Another almost nude mod, the Yakuza Girl mod gives you complete nudity for a female character except for the lower body. It will replace the Inner Armor appearance, but won’t remove any of the Inner Armor characteristics. It’s perfect for skating the line between full nudity while also leaving little to the imagination.

8) kjkjbikini9 (Monster Hunter World)

The kjkjbikini9 mod shows enough nudity while barely covering the important parts. It’s a sexy mod, but it leaves little to the imagination. It is a swimsuit mod but it is close enough to nudity since the swimsuit hugs the character’s figure closely. It also has enough material removed that it barely covers the body. If you are looking to go almost nude, this is the mod for you.

7) BedMate_Twins in Elgado TU2 update (Monster Hunter Rise)

The BedMade_Twins in Elgado TU2 update mod doesn’t apply nudity to you, but it will apply it to Minato. It will make Minoto sleep on your bed, and you can look at her undisturbed. You can also pair Minoto with Hinoa to see both of them sleeping on your bed without clothes. You can’t interact with either Minoto or Hinoa, but it should be enough to look at them.

6) Skin Set – Up to 8 Options – Grada’s Paradise Series (Monster Hunter Rise)

The Skin Set – Up to 8 Options – Grada’s Paradise Series (Sunbreak Compatible) mod gives you a variety of skins to choose from. Many of these skins will allow you to make a character nude, as well as adjust the features of the body to your liking. You are able to make a body more muscular, or you can edit body hair/body part color to your preference.

5) Good Topology Nude mod (Monster Hunter Rise)

The Good Topology Nude mod will allow you to freely edit a female character’s body as you like. You can change a body’s muscular structure, edit the body physics, and even change the size of body parts to your liking. There are several models that you can choose from, then edit yourself if you are looking for something in particular.

4) ‘Extra Buff’ Jiggly Nude Body Remodel (Monster Hunter World)

The ‘Extra Buff’ Jiggly Nude Body Remodel mod replaces the Buff Body armor set with a nude character model. You can’t edit the mod without directly editing the files, but there are more body physics involved, as well as handmade textures that fit the regular body. If you do want to edit the mod and have some modding skills, you can add extra modifications to your liking.

3) More Natural Sexy Body (Monster Hunter World)

The More Natural Sexy Body mod replaces the Innerwear β armor, turning it into a nude model while giving you the regular protection. There are body physics with this mod, allowing you to see realistic body part movement as you fight monsters. The mod doesn’t affect the head, allowing you to modify your face to fit the look as needed.

2) Naked NPC Girl (Monster Hunter Rise)

The Naked NPC Girl mod will remove all the clothing from the generic NPC females in the game. This will also affect the size of their upper body for a more shapely appearance. You can edit the size of the upper body as you wish, or just stick with the generic appearance for a regular look. This doesn’t affect any significant female NPCs, which have separate mods.

1) Highpoly Nude MOD with jiggle animation (Monster Hunter World)

The Highpoly Nude MOD with jiggle animation is exactly what it says: a high quality nudity mod that takes into account the proper body physics. There are several variants of this mod to suit your particular tastes, and is compatible with the Iceborne DLC. Other players won’t be able to see this nude mod if you have it equipped, making it somewhat safe for multiplayer use.