The 5 best island village seeds for Minecraft

Kick back, relax, and fish all day.

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Island starts in Minecraft almost always promise a fun time full of nautical adventures and challenging base building. There are many variations to consider, from tiny islands to weird islands, coral reefs, and more. How about settled islands? Starting islands with villages on them provide a different sort of challenge, as well as a fun storytelling opportunity. Let’s take a look at our favorite five village island seeds in Minecraft.

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Seed: -2927611868038818840

This seed starts you off on a savanna island with a village smack in the middle of it. It’s not even a small village, but a decently sized settlement that can give you many advantages while you plan your next step. Furthermore, the island itself is rich in Minecraft’s basic resources, ensuring smooth sailing from the very start.

Seed: 542630838

The island you begin on in this seed has a funny set of quirks. First, it’s pretty tiny. Second, it’s almost entirely settled with a village that boasts three smiths in it. Talk about looting opportunities. Speaking of looting, if you venture into the ocean off the island’s coast, you’ll find a submerged stronghold right under the island.

Seed: -603663592

Although you don’t spawn directly on an island in this seed, it’s still well worth checking out. Just about a hundred blocks away from the spawn point is an amazing shattered savanna island (follow coordinates 600, -250), with a plateau overhanging the village. The sight alone makes it worthwhile, but there are also a skeleton dungeon and a zombie dungeon right under the village on the island.

Seed: -407474912

For players looking for adventure and survival, this seed promises that and more. You spawn on a plains biome island that looks ordinary on the surface. There’s a large village there as well, but there’s a catch. That’s no ordinary village, it’s actually a zombie village. You can try clearing it out, but beware, there is also a zombie dungeon on the island, so you can reenact your favorite zombie movie to your heart’s content.

Seed: 747047161

In this seed, you spawn on a very big island with a village very close to your spawning point. The island is big enough to provide all you need to build and survive. Not only that but there are some other neat features here if you choose to explore the surroundings even more. For example, there are ruins, a ruined underwater portal, a nether fortress, and more, all waiting to be discovered.