The 10 Best Minecraft Treehouse Designs and Ideas

Channel your inner Tarzan.

Image via DiddiHD’s YouTube

Treehouses add a different charm to any Minecraft world. Although players can always go for a basic treehouse, it’s good to spice things up every so often. There are all kinds of treehouse designs to choose from, but we’ve compiled a list of the best ten.

Dual Treehouse

Screengrab via Typface’s YouTube

If one treehouse isn’t enough, you can always add another one for a dual treehouse setup. It looks fancy, and you will also have more space to accommodate friends or items.

Cottagecore Treehouse

Screengrab via LubovLC’s YouTube

Cottagecores, in general, are getting popular in Minecraft, and you can transform one into a treehouse. This is one of the best-looking treehouses in the game, and there are numerous customizations that can be done here.

Futuristic Treehouse

Screengrab via TSMC – Minecraft’s YouTube

Who doesn’t want a treehouse from the future? This futuristic and stunning-looking treehouse screams stylish. You can install different gadgets to make it even better.

Jungle Treehouse

Screengrab via Mr. Mirror’s YouTube

This is probably the easiest treehouse to build because you don’t need many materials to build it. Although you will still use only one tree as your base, the other trees in the forest add a different flavor to the overall aesthetic.

Modern Treehouse


Even though a treehouse usually carries a more classic look, you can give it a modern touch by using white concrete and wood. Place the blocks carefully to create balconies and use flower pots to cover the area. You can also add an elevator for better convenience.

Nether Treehouse

Screengrab via TheMythicalSausage’s YouTube

The Nether region is home to some of the rarest materials in Minecraft. Instead of using standard resources, you can use the materials from the Nether region and create one of the most incredible looking treehouses.

Spiral Treehouse

Screengrab via Otama The World’s YouTube

The actual treehouse design, in this case, is pretty straightforward. However, the stairs used here are very long and follow a spiral pattern. You can even add more flora to the stairs, and your journey up or down will always be serene.

Simple Treehouse

Screengrab via TSMC – Minecraft’s YouTube

If you do not want to invest a lot of time and materials into building a treehouse, you can go for a simple one. This requires minimal resources, and most of the work can be done just with plain wood. It is also beginner-friendly and doesn’t demand proper planning beforehand.

Spruce Treehouse

Screengrab via Mr Mirror’s YouTube

It’s not necessary to use standard wood for your treehouse constructions. Instead, you can use a Spruce Tree as your base, along with Spruce logs as the material for your treehouse. Spruce trees grow in 2×2 squares and are gigantic, making them a perfect blank canvas for your creation.

Treehouse Kingdom


Yes, you can have an entire kingdom built on a treehouse in Minecraft. However, this will take a lot of materials, dedication, and some serious time investment. If you are aiming to have a treehouse that is sure to awestruck anyone, a treehouse kingdom is a perfect choice for you.