The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Complete Walkthrough & Guide

Spidy is back in action and now on your pc and consoles. Spider Man is one of my favorite super heroes. The reason lies with this struggle to make things right. A tight suit, thick webs and lots of stunts. Rolling out between obstacles, Spidy is a very hard character to beat. The Amazing Spider-Man video game comes with lots of action. Packed with different villains and daring stunts you will never get bored if you keep on playing this again and again. The game usually has three modes. The Human, Super and XXXXXX. I am playing the Human Mode, which is closely related the movie.

Peter Parker starts discovering his new powers and searches for his uncle’s murderer. Steadily he lands into a new conspiracy to beat tougher characters. This super hero has to maintain peace and also eradicate menace from the city. At some point police mark up Spidy as a menace and try to eradicate him. There is a hero meter which goes high and police drone does not hurt him more. I like the gameplay. Amazing, fast and less boring. To some level you will just try to maintain your balance when you’re swinging around the buildings. In the beginning I found too many controls to manage. But later things settled down. A few boss fights are enough to make you a pro. This action adventure game is released for Microsoft Windows, Nintendo 3DS, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Wii U, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2


The Amazing Spider-Man is an open world action adventure game. Spidy is not limitedly swinging at one place. You can wander around, beat thugs and keep peace in the city even if you are done with the game. You need a fair amount of hardware to get good graphics. Spidy does amazing stunts in the air. With a few combinations you can just reach to any place really fast. The best part here is that it has a feature to auto select a position for e.g. you have to hit the E button from your keyboard to pass a big distance. Things start with Peter Parkers life and the story moves ahead with different characters coming up in between. Game is very impressive. The good part of playing The Amazing Spider-Man is that you don’t die soon. According to me you do not need any health cheats here. All you need is some kind of trick, like to bring a strong man down you can use F to throw web then you can hold Shift + Space + left mouse click to perform different strikes together. This really hits hard. Spider Man has to deal with Kraven, Blackcat, Electro, Kingpin and Green Goblin.

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Chapter 1 – With Great Power

The first chapter begins with Peter Parkers flashback. After his uncle’s death, he is on a quest to find the murderer. Follow the screen cinematic. After that a tiny tutorial starts that will teach you how to control spider man’s web. This also consists of beating street thugs. Almost all controls will be reflected at the center bottom of the screen. You can repeat this level in order to understand all the controls. Spider Man also acts as a detective and questions the thugs. You have option to choose from 3 questions. Second job is to find Ammo crates. The location is marked on the screen. Just swing there, hit the thugs and secure the ammo boxes through web. You will also learn web pull and sideways dodge here. After completing each chapter you will get level up. Your skills and suite tolerance will upgrade.

Chapter 2 – On the Trail of a Killer

Chapter 2 consists of things like doing a heroic job i.e. saving citizen’s life. At first you will save an old man’s life who is in a building that caught fire. And then follow a car to save the kidnapped girl. You can use Q to land on the car and then use the AD key to move left and right. Save a few lives. Then you will deal with thugs in the bus depot. The last one is powerful. He will throw grenades at you. Avoid that. It eats a lot of health. You have to use web shot here to bring him down. Don’t try to go near or you will get beaten up badly. What I do is, stand on the top of a bus. I use F to hit webs on his face. This gives you some time. Then hold E, lock the target and use a combination of Shift + Space + Left Mouse click to give him combo punches.

Chapter 3 – Live by the Sword

This level is not complicated. You just have to follow the screen instruction. Later on, once you are done with the chapter you go back to your house where Aunt May is waiting. You can go in the bedroom and checkout the wardrobe. From here you can switch costumes. You will have a few voice notes that you can listen to, to advance in the game. Just follow the marker on the map. The chapter mostly consist of lots of cinematic, discussion with aunt may and defeating a few thugs.

Chapter 4 – Raid on Oscorp

At the end of this level you will deal with the first boss shocker. Peter Parker went to meet Osborne. Spidy has to investigate what is going on in the building. This level has your real test of all skills. You can go in the upgrade section and buy a few skills. You have to first rescue hostages. There are tiny objectives here like activating the coolant flow to protect the building. Once you defeat all the thugs, Shocker lands in. He is as touch boss. So try to maintain distance. There is a simple way of killing him. When he hits, hold any one key for ASDW and right click to run sideway. Then hold Space + Left Click to hit him hard. Try this a few time and he will die in the end.

Chapter 5 – Day of the Hunter

The chapter starts with dealing with few criminals in the city. You get market on the map. There are drones which can mis-interperate you as a menace and try to shoot you. Just hold E and destroy them if you want. You can increase your hero level as you keep on defeating more enemies. This chapter introduces Kraven. You have to go to his house and meet him. First as Peter Parker and then as Spider Man. Peter Parker will take 3 images of objects. To find object press right click.

Chapter 6 – Into the Lion’s Den

This level will bring out a brand new suite. The chapter starts with taking some pictures of a Russian hideout. Once you are done with that, you have to enter the hideout. The level demands stealth mode. That means you have to take down your enemies silently. Go in upgrade and buy web pull. Go underground then near the enemy and press Q to pull it and tie it up with the web. Then you have to destroy a drone. There are a few enemies in the room that you can check through Spider Sense by pressing T. Go behind them and pull them one by one. At the end you will also encounter Blackcat.

Chapter 7 – No One is Safe

This chapter starts with Kraven’s house. Peter Parker visits Kraven, has a little discussion and then move ahead to take a picture of the Russian mafia. Here you have to infiltrate the Russian Hideout. So stay on top of building, press C to remove your camera and collect photos. Take 4 photos from a distance so that no one can see you. At the top left you can see an awareness level meter. It must not rise. In the end you will take a picture of dangerous weapons which are loaded in the truck. Follow the trick to unveil hideout location. This level brings out a new powerful suite. You have to enter the hideout and slowly bring down all the guards. Go behind the guards quietly and hit Q to take stealth down. Do not raise the alarm and then take your new suite in the end.

Chapter 8 – The Hunters and the Hunted

The chapter is a continuation of the above chapter. Below the tunnel you can see a train carriage. Go in that and take right. You will find a guard. Hit him and then go towards the door. This time you will be attacked by Speedy. You will find another strong guard in the tunnel. To defeat him use web pull. You can press Q for that. Hold Q and then E to hit him hard. Once you are near you can hold space + left mouse click to hit harder. Exit tunnel and reach the theater where Kingpin is conducting a fund raiser ceremony. You have to enter as Peter Parker and follow the suspicious waiter. You will also have a discussion with Kingpin. Follow the waiter and rescue the hostages. You will fight with another strong guard here, Brute. Do not attempt to go near. Use Web Blast to hold him and then use multiple kicks to bring him down. This will be a tough fight. Exit the theater after meeting Felicia and Kingpin.

Chapter 9 – Claws of the Cat

Chapter 10 – My Ally, My Enemy

Chapter 11 – The Kingpin of Crime

Chapter 12 – Power Surge

Chapter 13 – The Green Goblin

Chapter 14 – Maximum Carnage