The Amazing Spider-Man 2 hidden Audio Logs, Journal, Photos locations Guide


Recently released Amazing Spider-Man 2 games has its own set of collectibles, things that help you gain a higher score, abilities and interesting side tasks. Amazing Spider-Man 2 offers Audio Logs, Cletus Kasady Symbols, and Jameson’s Photos as collectibles. The whole game has 31 collectible across various chapters for PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox360, Xbox One and Wii U game versions. When you manage to find all the collectibles, three achievements/trophies will unlock and you will be awarded with Gamerscore Points or trophies. Another fascinating thing is the back story which will unlock in the Story mode.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Check out the video given below to see the locations of Photo Investigation & CK Journal, Harry Osborn Journal, Max Dillon Journal, Jamesons Photo, Max Dillon Journal, Wilson Fisk Journal, Felicia Hardy Journal and Oscorp Crate.