The Banner Saga: How to Earn and Spend Renowns in Various ways PS4

Renowns in The Banner Saga can be earned and spent by various ways, but many players tend to spend in the not profitable area and thus waste some of these renowns. This Banner Saga Guide will show your how to optimize the earning and spending in a different phase of the game.

How to Earn and Spend Renowns

How to Earn Renowns

There are 4 Ways to earn Renowns in Banner Saga

Story-driven events

A good amount of Renown can be earned with such events even if you’ve done little to earn it other than progress.

Player-choice events

The one of the best ways to optimize your Renown via playthrough is by these events. If you’ve played the game previously then you might have encountered the similar events or new ones. These events are processed semi-randomly depending on your level of Morale. If you are ok cheating then you will find ways to control which events you see, as well as which rewards you receive.


Fighting is the best way to consistently earn Renown where every kill adds Renown to your account, plus you get a win bonus. You must Win whenever you’re given the opportunity to fight this will help you master the combat system. Understanding the playstyle is pretty much important as you know when you’re comfortable attacking Strength instead of Armor, what squad order makes sense for your which battles, etc.

You also have the option to Pickup fights with random bandits or Dredge As this will help you gain a better source of consistent Renown along with team level up. Pay special attention from the start to catch characters up in kills due to weaker enemies.


Wars can maximize your Renown. You should be ready with your main squad to fight a larger force with more difficulty as this will give you more Renown +1 for each kill, +3 for the larger 2×2 dredge. You will also have the option to pursue fleeing Dredge or to let them scatter, you should pursue win the and get +2 win bonus. This will not only give you, even more, Renown but also a higher chance of finding an item in the game ahead.

How to Spend Renowns

There are 3 Ways where you should be spending Renowns in Banner Saga


The most tempting ways to spend Renown are the Items where you don’t know what to buy. We recommend to purchases items with Renown for:

  • They can be obtained through other means
  • They are level-restricted, thus, they are useful for only a part of the game where you equip them.
  • Items on characters which die or leaving the group will be a loss of it.

Character Advancement

The Reason behind a strong combat is to level-up your party members. This can be more costly for each level so you need to be more careful with you spending. The purposes of optimizing your Renown spend and your kills award to characters is to make sure you invest in the right level and right character because if you lose a character then you will not be refunded any Renown.

We recommend investing Renown only in those people who you tend to play longer with and wait until closer to the end of the game before you do make any final upgrades. Sometimes it is safe to spend to gain a few levels.


The player must take control and know how much to spend on Supplies as you never know when your next opportunity to buy or gain more Supplies will be. If you don’t plan it right then you end up starving your people which then leads to losing fighters and vary. Having enough Supplies allow you to rest more often which is good for your Morale or to heal injuries.

Usually, buy as many as you can until you have enough to get through 15-20+ days. The rest may stockpile or use to advance a character that you’re confident with. At the end of Chapter 2, your Supplies may be reset before rejoining this group again.