The Banner Saga: Top 12 Starter Tips for all Beginners PS4

The Banner Saga is an epic role-playing Viking saga where your strategic choices directly affect your personal journey. The player needs to make allies as he travels with your caravan across this stunning yet harsh landscape. You must also be carefully choosing who will help fight a new threat that jeopardizes an entire civilization. This Banner Saga Basic Tips guide for beginners will show you how to play this game.

Top 12 Starter Tips for all Beginners PS4

Top 12 Starter Tips for The Banner Saga

  • If you select Easy Mode, then your character will not receive any injuries. You can also skip any War battles by overseeing them.
  • Careful while selecting the dialogue/decisions. One wrong decision and you can lose important characters easily.
  • Once you cross the Level 3 and 5 you character will start getting/unlocking their abilities.
  • Max level for every character is 5 and to upgrade teh Level to –
    • Level 2: 2 kills and 5 renown
    • Level 3: 5 kills and 10 renown
    • Level 4: 9 kills and 15 renown
    • Level 4: 14 kills and 20 renown
  • Along with Level upgrades, you must focus on your supplies count. As the Vail, Fighters, and Clansmen will start to desert the caravan, leaving you with less to help out during wars if you hit 0 supplies.
  • Morale in the game have different effects for Willpower in battle such as they can turn the tide of battle in your favor quickly, the effect are:
    • Lowest morale will give -2
    • Low will give -1
    • Normal will give +-0
    • Good will give +1
    • Best Morale will give +2.
  • As beginners, we would recommend you to avoid rushing your character’s level. Focus on one and get him to level 5 for max output. Once you are good to go then try to get enough kills and renown to level all the characters available to 5.
  • You don’t get injured or lose anything if you lose a battle in Training arena in camp os make the best use of it and practice for often to make it perfect.
  • You always have one chance at any item if you correctly inspect all the god stones.
  • The abilities of the characters such as Armor Break, Exertion, and Willpower are also equally important when assigning stats to characters along with Strength and Armor.
  • In order to Boost your Morale you can choose to kill more dredge and win the battle only after defeating the first wave in a War battle.
  • We know you are a good player but you also need to be prudent with your decisions which can sometimes help you out with difficult situations.