The Banner Saga: Ultimate Tips, Tricks and Combat Techniques PS4 Guide

As you start the game you notice deep within the lands a disease, an outbreaking of Dredge across the forests and hills. It’s your duty to stop them from crossing the line. This Banner Saga Ultimate Guide will show you the tips, tricks, and some unique techniques tp overcome the darkness.

Ultimate Tips, Tricks and Combat Techniques PS4 Guide

The Banner Saga Tips, Tricks and Combat Techniques

The Game Mechanics and Tactics

As we all know the battle will involve 2 teams with your team being 6 units. Your Enemy will typically have the Dredge, you might fight the Varl or other Humans. To put yourself in a tactical winning position by taking them out sooner and targeting your opponents larger and more powerful units like slingers. This makes only weaker units left to use their turns to attack you which is a complete waste and guarantee win. When you are given the choice to either KILL or AIM the enemy units always consider first to kill and speed up from the remaining units of your opponent.

Use your moves careful and only take the judgment to finish off a Defender with four spaces. If you successfully do so then your opponent has only 2 or 3 strong units left which is a positive sign for you. It’s important to know that you can see how far your opponent can move when playing. For eg: Click on your enemy’s units to know how he can reach you and the yellow squares indicate move range extended by willpower. You can also see which stats each opposing unit is strong in.

Attacking Armor vs Strength

The two different statistics of every unit is strength and armor which serve as health. Strength is known as the unit’s health, but it is also great with the attack power. The attack starts to decrease as a unit takes more damage to their Strength. If you see the attacking mode, you always want to reduce armor of an enemy unit that too before beginning to attack their Strength.

Units with a very high-level strength, for eg ‘Warhawk’, you can easily attack the enemy directly in order to reduce their Strength to half or less. If a unit’s armor is quite high, then you must invest in making that enemy more vulnerable by breaking armor. You need to reduce the enemy to half life by deciding whether to attack Strength or Armor.

Character Leveling

Max level for every character is 5 and try to figure out the unit’s role on the battlefield then upgrade their skills.


It serves as both your units health and attack power. Once the unit is injured the potency of his attack also diminishes. Therefore, you need to keep this stat high as long as possible.


It serves as a defense rating for the unit. Once the unit is attacked by an enemy, the Strength damage to the receiving unit’s is calculated as Strength of the attacker – targeted unit’s Armor = damage to target unit’s Strength.


It serves as the amount of damage a unit can do when attacking the armor of an enemy. It reduces the enemy’s armor according to said amount. Unlike strength, however, the potency of break remains constant all throughout a battle.


It allows your units to use skills, hit harder with either to Armor or Strength.It also makes your units more flexible and able to cope with more situations. Your spend on willpower decides your victory and defeat.


It shows how much willpower a unit can use to boost its attack or move. You are not restricted to using willpower for only one action per turn, provided you have the available Exertion since you can only boost each action for as much willpower you have left and what your exertion allows.


It is the unique power this class wields. See more information near the bottom of this guide.

Now as per your Skills you can upgrade the following:

  • If you want a high armor breaking unit, you’ll put points into the break.
  • If you want a finisher once the armor on an enemy is reduced, you’ll put more points into strength.
  • If you want to be really mobile and use abilities, you’ll want willpower and exertion.

Unit Placement and Position

  1. Unit order plays an important role in the opening of the match. The Front row should always be avoided with vulnerable units.
  2. If you leave a unit at the end of the order queue in the front row of the deployment area then you hit you enemy unit before you have the chance to move it.
  3. The unit at the end of the queue can be the most vulnerable because it is last to act and can be quickly knocked out if positioned badly.
  4. You may have a chance to make the first unit will weaken and then the next will support and block, and the third will finish. Try to locate these units closer to one another, and to sequence their turns in the order this plays out.