The best anime girl profile pictures (PFPs) for Steam, Discord, and more

The best girls you can ask to represent you.

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Anime has always been a very subjective thing, but your choice for Best Girl can say a lot about you. That’s why it is never a bad decision to have an anime girl or boy represent you on platforms like Steam or Discord. The only difficult job is finding the right anime girl that gives off your energy to those you interact with on these online platforms.

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The best anime girls to set as your profile picture on Steam or Discord

Fortunately, there is no shortage of great anime girls to choose from. No matter what impression you want to give people, here are some of the best anime girls to choose from.

Anya Forger from Spy x Family

Image via Shueisha

It is tough to miss the adventures of Anya Forger. The six-year-old psychic with a superspy father and assassin mother is the main character in the popular Spy x Family anime and manga. Thanks to her ability to read people’s minds, Anya is both incredibly fun and hilariously unhinged, often barely able to contain herself in social situations. She might not be the brightest kid at school, but she will be the last one to know it.

This panel of Anya is from the original Spy x Family manga and tells everyone you interact with that you are endlessly smug, probably without reason.

Anya looking cute hiding behind couchAnya in flying gear being happy
Anya lying on couch with arms upAnya surprised surprised with sparkles in her eyes
Anya excited with stars in her eyesAnya looking shocked
Screenshots by Gamepur

Kaguya Shinomia from Kaguya-sama Love is War

Image via A-1 Pictures

No one said being a high schooler in love is easy, but it is doubly tough for Kaguya, who is desperate to get the boy she likes to confess his feelings for her. The anime has both farcical comedy and genuinely tender moments, balancing the two tones with surprising skill. Kaguya herself can be both needy and manipulative in equal measure, providing some of the most entertaining moments of recent anime seasons.

Not above using her cuteness to get what she wants, Kaguya dons cat ears in this frame from an early episode of the series. Setting this as your profile picture tells people you are both serious and playful at the same time.

Kaguya with cat ears clawing at the airKaguya embarrassed
Kaguya smiling with crop in her handKaguya surprised looking at her phone
Kaguya looking afriadKaguya looking upset
Screenshots by Gamepur

Chika Fujiwara from Kaguya-sama Love is War

Image via A-1 Pictures

Another candidate for Best Girl from Kaguya-sama Love is War, Chika Fujiwara is the embodiment of the idea that ignorance is bliss. While her two closest friends engage in a daily battle of wits to get the other to confess their love, she is content to be a clueless observer of the drama before her. Though she often takes up the title of Love Detective, Chika is oblivious to the love on display to her.

This profile picture shows Chika at the absolute limit of her patience. Her usual gentle personality fades and she is suddenly a woman on the edge of a breakdown, perfect for when you feel the same.

Chika pondering with finger on chinChika in bikini next to a tank
Chika with sparkly hair and yesChika shocked eyes are circles
Chika sneezingChika holding a dog that doesn't look impressed
Screenshots by Gamepur

Mina Ashido from My Hero Academia

Image via Studio Bones

To become a great hero, it takes more than just having a cool power. Being unforgettable also helps. Mina Ashido is the kind of hero you never forget. With her bright pink skin, antennae, and penchant for spraying acid everywhere, she is one of the most popular characters in My Hero Academia. Her sunny disposition and killer breakdance moves don’t hurt either.

Having Mina as your profile picture on Discord or Steam shows that you can work hard and play hard. Her infectious enthusiasm might put people off, but only until they get to know her.

Mina pointing her fingers with fire behind herMina in battle gear using her powers and laughing
Mini holding up her favorite snackMina takes the shape of alien
Mina holding her hand in painMina holding up peace signs and smiling
Screenshot by Gamepur

Aqua from Konosuba

Image via Studio Deen

Not every deity is all-powerful. Some are completely useless and that makes them significantly more interesting. In Konosuba, Kazuma is transported to a magical world against his will, dragging the goddess Aqua along with him. She’s got a high opinion of herself and proves to be popular with those around her, but she quickly shows that she’s not all that helpful in most situations. She is nothing but a loveable burden most of the time.

Aqua is the perfect anime girl to use as your profile picture if you want to show everyone that you’re here for a good time. Just don’t expect you to contribute too much work along the way and everything will be fine.

Aqua being cute and blushing holding her hands togetherAqua stretching out her hand and using her powers
Aqua excited and amazedAqua fast asleep in her pyjamas
Aqua in her winter outfitAqua looking unimpressed
Screenshots by Gamepur

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